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About Travis Noonan

Travis is a firearms writer and content editor by day and, well… a lover of all things guns by night. He’s carried concealed for a tad over 6 years and owns a few long rifles, ARs, full-size handguns, revolvers, and subcompacts. Travis enjoys putting holsters for his guns through the ringer, in a never-ending search for the best carry solutions. He enjoys testing his home-built rifles at the range and hikes in his free time. He serves part-time in the PA National Guard as a Field Artillery NCO.

Home Defense: Guard Dog or Gun?

Home protection and security are more important than ever before – in some areas, burglary and home invasion statistics have risen as much as 18%. Approximately 28% of the time, someone is home during a home invasion, and an unsettling 7% of victims reported being the target of a violent crime as a result. If… Read More »

5 Reasons You Should Consider Off-Body Carry

I’ve been a longtime advocate of off-body concealed carrying myself. “But your gun isn’t on your person, it’ll take longer to draw! What if it’s not near you when you need it most?!” You might exclaim. Do a Google search of “off-body carry” and you’ll find articles from supposed experts that say why it’s a… Read More »