How to Choose the Best Holster for Big Guys

If you are a bigger guy (or gal), you have probably come to the conclusion that not all holsters work well for all people. Perhaps you have purchased a holster intending to carry your sidearm with it, only to discover that it is simply not comfortable for you to wear. Or maybe you have read … Read more

Pros and Cons of Most Common Handgun Calibers

Buying a handgun, like buying a car or a computer, means that you’re going to feel like you’re being hit with a wall of specifications. While specifics on barrel rifling and length of twist are all important to competition shooters and professional marksmen, first time gun buyers need to worry about comparatively little. However, everyone … Read more

The Top Glock 21 Holsters

When you think of a .45 caliber handgun for personal defense, you’re probably going to think of a 1911-style model. It’s iconic, it’s a solid platform, and it’s only gotten better with time. It isn’t however, without its shortcomings; while it has been a dominant handgun for nearly a century, it’s slowly been losing ground … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Concealed Carry Clothing

Today’s world offers many concealed carry clothing options, beyond that of traditional holsters. Many manufacturer’s offer clothing with holsters built into the clothing itself. The following guide explores these options, as well as many off-body carry options. Ultimate Guide to Concealed Carry Clothing Carrying a concealed firearm is a very involved process that can require … Read more

Best Left Hand Gun Holster

When looking for a gun holster, two of the most important things you should look out for are safety and comfort. If you’re a left-hander, both of these factors can be an issue. Most holsters are designed to be used with the right hand and therefore they can be a little awkward if you’re a … Read more

Best Gun Holster for Females For 2022

It’s never been more important for women to be able to defend themselves. We’ve seen a rise in women purchasing guns for self-defense. With that, it’s also important to know what is the best gun holster for women. How do women find the best gun holster? We are here to help you! We’ve found five … Read more

Best Thigh Gun Holster

If you’re looking for the best way to open carry your weapon, look no further. Thigh Gun Holsters are the ultimate solution for you. The benefit of thigh gun holsters is that you can easily access your sidearm without anything getting in the way. It naturally positions the sidearm for a quick draw as your … Read more

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Best Concealed Carry Belts for Gun Holsters

Typical ‘dress’ belts are not particularly handy for carrying holsters and weapons, which is just one of the many reasons why most people are switching over to specialized belts for gun holsters. Numerous different models are available on the market, and we’ve made sure to include only the most durable and most valuable models on … Read more

Best Galco Gun Holster Reviews

Galco Gunleather (Galco International) is one of the market’s leading titans in the gun holster industry. As a matter of fact, Galco is such a versatile brand that they own a variety of sub-branches and dabble in numerous spheres of commerce, such as Galco Electronics, for example. They offer a huge catalog that blends traditional … Read more

Best Alien Gear Gun Holster Reviews

If you’re searching for a comfortable tactical holster, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Today we’re going to talk about Alien Gear holsters, which are some of the most uniquely designed gun carrier tools on the entire market, so let’s get straight to it: Best Alien Gear Gun Holster Reviews Alien Gear ShapeShift Core … Read more

Choosing the Best Leather Holster

Gunslingers made the leather holster famous throughout the Wild West. They’ve been used by heroic soldiers in wars large and small. Today they are currently used by concealed carry and police officers nationwide. Leather holsters are durable, soft, and comfortable for daily carry. We are going to dive into the use of leather holsters, their … Read more

The Top Glock 30 Holsters

Since the 1980s, the Glock family of semi-automatic pistols have taken the American firearms market by storm. Gaston Glock, an Austrian engineer, brought the industry a unique perspective by using his engineering prowess to leave a lasting imprint on the firearms culture and its citizens for generations to come. What has become known as ‘America’s … Read more

Bandolier Holster Overview and Top Choices

Bandolier holsters may not be some of the more popular holsters around but they still do serve a valuable purpose when it comes to packing your handgun.  The main reason why they aren’t as popular is because many view bandolier holsters as impractical.  But is that really true? Why sling an entire bandolier over you … Read more

The Top Glock 34 Holsters

Shooting for competitions, whether they’re IDPA, three-gun, or USPSA events, all require a different kind of handgun to do your best. While your regular self-defense handgun is fine for its purpose, when you’re running a course full of targets at 20 to 25 yard ranges, you’ll find you need a handgun that’s designed for longer … Read more

Best Choices for Ruger LCP Holsters

Ruger was founded in 1949 by William Ruger, whose firm dedication to exceptional quality and reliable performance remains true today. After more than 60 years in the industry Ruger’s firearms are not only a trusted staple for many members of law enforcement but also relied-upon weapons for hunters and sport shooters alike. Ruger’s tagline is … Read more

Best Car Holster of 2020

Best Car Holster

‘Driving safe’ doesn’t only mean that you just need to follow what’s happening on the road; it also means that you should be prepared for any kind of scenario – irresponsible drivers, bumps in the road, and of course the least pleasant situation, a gunfight. Robbing someone while they’re sitting in their car is all … Read more

Best Glock 22 Holster

When you’re carrying a Glock 22 you want it to be secure, easy to reach and safe. To do that you’ll need the best Glock 22 holster but there are many options out there to choose from. You have the option of inside the waistband (IWB), outside (OWB) or even on your ankle, thigh or … Read more

The Best Concealed Carry Holsters for Law Enforcement

Since concealed carry holsters are a tad bit more distinct from the average holsters that law enforcement officers are used to carrying, it’s important to pick a holster that is not only convenient, but also comfortable. Although concealed carry holsters might have a different feel than the holsters that you’ve been using, there are some … Read more

Best Drop Leg Holster of 2020

There are dozens of holster types available for gun enthusiasts and people in the service of the police or military. Some opt for chest holsters, others prefer a more discrete approach with OWB and IWB holsters, but most people know that drop leg type offers the most customizable approach to carrying handguns. Today we are … Read more

Best Glock 40 Holster

Everyone who values their own personal security knows that a good weapon is useless without a proper holster. Glock 40 is a reliable, versatile gun, but it won’t really help you much in a dire situation if you can’t draw it out in time. With that in mind, we’ve scrounged the market for the best … Read more

Best VP9 Holster of 2020

Best VP9 Holster

Heckler and Koch’s VP9 is a very popular pistol, favored by civilians and members of the police force due to its compact size, big clip, and high accuracy. In order to properly utilize the many benefits this beautiful gun offers, you will need an adequate holster for it. Today we’re going to talk about the … Read more

Best Glock 45 Holster

Most people know that a gun is only as efficient as its holster; knowing this and if you are looking for the best Glock 45 holster, you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 holsters for your convenience and separated the best models across different categories. Let’s take a look … Read more

Best Glock 43 Holster

The Glock 43 is a beautiful weapon, and a high-quality gun needs the best holster. Getting the best Glock 43 holster involves getting the right type for your needs while also knowing which features you value more than others. If you’re wondering where to get that knowledge, we have it all here. We’ve completed 10 … Read more

The Top Glock 19 Holsters

If you will ask the pros, carrying a gun involves some considerations. The choice of a firearm should be handy, compact, and accurate. And this is why Glock 19 is extremely popular. The Glock 19 is one of the best handguns that anyone can carry. It is a highly versatile weapon that can be used … Read more

Best Cross Draw Holster of 2020

best cross draw holster

Cross-drawing is almost a relic of the past. We’ve seen plenty of it in old Western movies and rarely in modern times. The reason why these holsters aren’t so particularly popular these days is that they aren’t as versatile. Most people would opt for OWB or IWB holsters if they have a smaller gun, but … Read more

Best Pocket Holster of 2020

Pocket holsters are the best holster type when it comes to concealed carry; there are so many models to choose from that people usually don’t know how to properly differentiate them. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of cherry-picking only the finest models from the most reputable brands. Apart from choosing the top models in … Read more

The Top Glock 26 Holsters

The Glock 26 is the Glock pistol for concealed carry, a 9mm semi-automatic, striker fired pistol. The weapon comes with ten round magazines that are extendable to 12 rounds with floor plates. The Glock 26 can also accept 15, 17, 33, and 50 round magazines made for use in the Glock 17 and Glock 19. … Read more