Best Cross Draw Holster of 2020

Cross-drawing is almost a relic of the past. We’ve seen plenty of it in old Western movies and rarely in modern times. The reason why these holsters aren’t so particularly popular these days is that they aren’t as versatile.

Most people would opt for OWB or IWB holsters if they have a smaller gun, but most professionals and veterans know that there isn’t a more reliable holster for bigger calibers than a cross draw holster. If you are looking for one, you have come to the right place.

Best Cross Draw Holster Reviews

Best Revolver Cross Draw Holsters

Azula Leather Cross Draw Holster for Ruger Wrangler

Azula Leather Cross Draw Holster for Ruger Wrangler 4.62" .22lr Single Action Revolver TAN RH

Our first pick for the revolver cross draw holster is Azula Gun Holsters’ model for Ruger Wrangler. One of the best things about this brand is that they’re making custom-molded holsters as per your specifications; this means that this model is intended to fit any kind of conventional revolvers.

What’s universal for all models is that they’re made of premium quality tanned leather and that they feature a secured thumb break.  The weight and size of the holster depend on the specs of your handgun, but the leather used in the construction process is highly durable and somewhat lighter than average.


  •         Built from quality tanned leather
  •         Custom-molded models designed to fit any kind of revolver
  •         Secured thumb break provides great retention and gun security


  •         Stiff construction

Winthrop Holsters 0225

Winthrop Holsters 0225 - Steel Frame Taurus Judge Public Defender OWB Cross Draw R/H Black
  • Taurus Judge PD Black Cross Draw, crossdraw, OWB, outside the waistband
  • 1.5" belt loops

Following up where we left off, we’re continuing with Winthrop Holsters’ 0225 Holster for Taurus Judge PD. This holster offers multiple carrying options, including cross draw, IWB, and OWB, although it’s ideally carried in the cross draw position due to its petite size and stealthy design.

Obviously, Taurus Judge is a small revolver, so the holster is petite in size as well. It’s made from rugged leather and sports 1.5-inch belt loops for additional adjustability. The holster is firm, it sticks to the body nicely, and it’s highly comfortable to use.


  •         Multiple carrying position options
  •         Made from rugged leather
  •         Features quality hardware


  •         Fixed cant angle
  •         No thumb break

Best OWB Cross Draw Holsters

Winthrop Holsters Ambidextrous OWB Belt Slide Holster

Let’s open up our OWB cross draw holster section with another model from Winthrop Holsters – the 0650 universal Holster. The term ‘universal’ here means that it’s designed to fit most small-caliber firearms.

It sports additional space for modified pistols (laser sights or smaller-sized flashlights), and it’s built like a tank. The Winthrop Holsters’ 0650 holster offers plenty of comfort due to the fact that its construction is somewhat loose; it’s very simple to use and doesn’t come supplied with any special features – just lock, load, and use it whenever necessary.


  •         Very easy to use
  •         Ambidextrous design
  •         Lose fit, can accommodate modified pistols and smaller-caliber handguns


  •         No thumb break
  •         Slightly inferior retention

R&R Holsters OWB Kydex Holster

OWB Holster - FDE - Flat Dark Earth - US Flag (Right-Hand, S&W M&P 2.0-9/40/45)
  • FITS: S&W M&P 2.0 - 9/40/45
  • 1.5" Injection Molded Belt Loops
  • Partial Sweat Guard Backing
  • Made in USA
  • One Year Replacement Warranty

Next up is R&R Holsters’ US Flag holster. The brand offers this particular model in different versions, including 1911s, CZ pistols, most Glock models, H&K’s USPs, Ruger’s Security 9, Smith and Wesson’s M&P pistols, and Taurus PT handgun.

It rocks injection-molded belt loops and a small-sized partial sweat-guard that makes it easier to use for extended periods of time.


  •         Injection-molded hardware loops
  •         Partial sweat-guard makes it more comfortable to use
  •         Fits a plethora of small arms
  •         Rugged construction


  •         Stiff construction, the cant angle, and retention aren’t adjustable

Falco Holsters Cross Draw Leather Holster for Walther CCP M2 3.54”

Falco Cross Draw Holster for Walther CCP M2 3.54"
  • 5-Years Limited Warranty
  • Will fit standrad 1.6" belt
  • Two belt slots for good stability
  • Entire barrel covered with open muzzle design

Falco Holsters cross-draw holster is specifically designed to fit Walther’s CCP M2 pistol. It boasts a sturdy leather construction and can fit most standard belts. Unlike most cross-draw holster models we’ve seen so far, this one sports 2 belt slots that provide it with additional stability.

Furthermore, even though it does feature an open-muzzle design, it covers the entire barrel and features a built-in thumb break. Its retention is almost unparalleled, although this does make it slightly more difficult to use.


  •         Additional belt slots provide more stability
  •         Can fit most standard belts
  •         Full barrel coverage
  •         Made from highly durable leather


  •         Slower drawing time due to built-in thumb break design

Best IWB Cross Draw Holsters

S&W M&P Shield 9MM &40 Cal Holster

S&W M&P Shield 9MM & 40 Cal. with CT Laser IWB,OWB,SOB,AMBIDEXTROUS Holster
  • For Gun Make: Smith& Wesson, Handing: Ambidextrous, Brand: Braids Holsters
  • Model: #2L ambidextrous holster, Holster Iwb & Owb: leather ambedextrious holster
  • Country/Region Of Manufacture: United States, Type: Concealment Holster
  • Style: IWB, OWB, SOB, Color: Black
  • Material: Leather, For Gun Model: M&P SHIELD 9MM & 40 CAL. WITH CRIMSON TRACE LASER

Braids Holsters’ model was built with built to fit most Smith and Wesson models. It’s an ambidextrous holster by nature, which means that it can be carried in a cross-draw position, but you can also use it as an IWB or OWB holster when you need to.  The only feature this gun holster comes supplied with is a metal belt clip, which is why it’s so easy to use.

It’s made of rugged, stiff leather and isn’t overly adjustable; its cant angle is fixed, but its open-top design allows you to quickly draw your gun in split seconds.


  •         Can fit most Smith and Wesson pistols
  •         Made from highly durable leather materials
  •         Belt clip for extra adjustability


  •         Inferior gun security due to the lack of a thumb break

Garrison Grip Italian Leather 2 Position Holster

Garrison Grip Italian Leather 2 Position Holster Fits Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield (BLK)
  • Italian Leather Tactical 2 Position Outside The Waistband Holster Molded to your favorite Full Size 1911 A1. Carry your gun at 3:00 or 4:00 at your preference. High quality leather treated specifically to accept your gun and form your guns shape.
  • Specially Selected Cowhide Leather With Strong Stitching.
  • This Garrison Grip OWB Outside The Waistband Tactical Holster is right handed only and not ambidextrous or left handed.
  • Easy Smooth Insertion, Carry and Retrieval of Your Handgun. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee With Free Return Shipping If You Are Not Fully Satisfied.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are fully satisfied. Just return the product for a full refund within 60 days. Garrison Grip supplies concealed carry accessories for guns pistols firearms like Smith & Wesson Ruger Glock Taurus Remington Sig Sauer Kahr Springfield Armory Beretta and Hi-Point. Trademark "Garrison Grip" Serial No: 86146227 and "orGUNizer" Serial No: 85695498 and U.S. Trademark "Micro Trigger Stop" Serial No: 87093441.

Garrison Grip’s Italian leather two-position holster is next on our list; it’s a holster model designed to fit Smith and Wesson’s MP9 pistol, and it’s one of the best cross-draw holsters you can find on the market. It’s made of cowhide leather and rocks reinforced stitching for additional sturdiness.

It sports three buckle holes that you can use to adjust its position, as well as top-shelf hardware that provides it with much-needed reliability.


  •         Made from cowhide leather
  •         Easy drawing due to open-top design
  •         Covers the entire barrel of the gun


  •         Fixed cant angle

Bama Belts and Leathers Gun Holster

Bama Belts and Leathers’ gun holster is highly versatile. It sports the ambidextrous design, adjustable thumb break, an integrated magazine pouch, and a steel belt clip that you can use to affix it to your belt buckle even easier.

Though it’s made of nylon materials, it features double-stitching and is substantially more durable than most nylon holsters.


  •         Double-stitched for additional sturdiness
  •         Equipped with an integrated magazine holder
  •         Adjustable thumb break
  •         Steel belt buckle provides extra stability


  •         Slightly less comfortable for everyday use than average

Best Chest/Shoulder Cross Draw Holsters

Ultimate Arms Gear Stealth Black Universal Vertical Ambidextrous Shoulder Holster

Ultimate Arms Gear Stealth Black Universal Vertical Ambidextrous Shoulder Holster, Fits 9mm 10m .45 .40 .380 .357 Calibers Pistols
  • High Quality and Very Well Designed Shoulder Holster with Loaded Features. All Parts are Fully Adjustable.
  • Made from Lightweight Durable Polyester with PVC Coating. Modular Design Allows for Both Left and Right Handed Use.
  • Comfortable Fit Around the Shoulders with Padded Shoulder Harnesses. Velcro Straps Secure to Tactical Utility Belt for Holster/Pouch Tension.
  • Holster with Soft Lining to Protect Guns.
  • Stealth Black Color.

The Ultimate Arms Gear’s stealth ambidextrous shoulder holster is perfect for cross-drawers as its adjustability is almost unequaled.

It’s made from super-light polyester material and rocks PVC coating, which means that it’s both rugged and practically weightless. It sports soft lining that protects your pistol (or pistols) and boasts an inconspicuous stealth-black color design.


  •         Lightweight and comfortable to use
  •         Made from high-quality Polyester and packed with fine PVC coating
  •         Velcro straps for additional adjustability
  •         Soft lining protects the pistol from damages and rubbing

Pro-Tech Outdoors Shoulder Holster

Pro-Tech Outdoors Shoulder Holster Fits S&W Body Guard 380
  • Pro-Tech's deluxe shoulder holsters fits left or right hand.
  • Comes with a Double magazine pouch for autos.
  • Has plastic adjustable spring action thumb break.
  • Inside has a vinyl vapor barrier to keep moisture off your gun .
  • Stitched with strong bonded nylon and double stitched.

Let’s finish up with Pro-Tech Outdoors Shoulder Holsters for Smith and Wesson’s Body Guard 380. It rocks a variety of bleeding-edge features, including an adjustable spring-action thumb break, and two extra magazine pouches.

What’s more, it was double-stitched with rugged bonded nylon; it boasts exceptional durability and is light as a feather.


  •         Practically weightless
  •         Ambidextrous design
  •         Fully adjustable features


  •         Plastic hardware

Cross Draw Holster Buying Guide

Before you start contemplating on which model is the best cross draw holster, we recommend reading a bit more about what makes the best model so reliable. Here are some of the factors that you should consider:

Type of firearm

Obviously, you won’t need a cross draw holster if you’re using a petite Walther PPK or S&W’s Shield. These guns are meant to be kept in tiny quick-access holsters mainly as sidearms.

If you’re using mid-sized or larger handguns, such as Ruger’s Blackhawk, a Deagle (Desert Eagle), Smith and Wesson’s Model 500 or similar ‘hand-cannons’, you’ll want to keep them tucked away in a cross-draw holster.


The size of your gun will obviously have a huge impact on the type of holster you should get for it. Certain holster models are designed in such a way that they can fit large-caliber handguns while being small in terms of design. These ‘open-bottom’ holsters are perfect cross-draw holsters, especially for concealed carry.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can get a cross-drawing holster for smaller guns too. They really do come in handy if you need to use it in a seated position, such as during police stakeouts or while driving.

Build quality

Cross draw holsters aren’t in any way different from regular holsters, or at least for as long as we’re talking about their build quality. They’re typically made from materials a standard holster is built from, including various types of leather, nylon, fabric, and Kydex.


The main downfall of cross draw holsters is that they have innately low retention from their front side. This little flaw is, however, easily compensated for with a simple feature called the thumb break.

Even if a particular holster model isn’t supplied with such a feature, its retention could still be boosted with other features, such as belt loops and proper hardware.

Concealed or open carry

Cross draw holsters should be exclusively used as concealed carry tools. If your opponent figures out you need to ‘cross draw’ in order to use your firearm, they can simply disrupt your arm movement and disarm you quite easily.

Frequently asked questions

What are the main advantages of cross-draw holsters?

The main advantage of cross-draw holsters is that they are very comfortable to wear. Moreover, they provide easy and fast access to your gun if you’re in a car. On top of that, in certain cases it’s easier to draw with less movement;

By drawing your gun from a cross-draw holster you’ll be able to immediately aim at your target, whereas with other holsters you’ll need to pull the gun upwards and then aim.

Are there any downfalls I should be aware of when using a cross draw holster?

Just like there are different benefits to cross-draw holsters, there are certain fields of performance where they don’t shine as much.

First of all, they offer very little in terms of front-side retention and you shouldn’t rely on them if your target is just a meter in front of you. Furthermore, most inexperienced shooters will ‘panic’ and are most likely to miss their first short.

Are all ambidextrous holsters ‘cross-draw’ friendly?

Not every ambidextrous holster can ‘be’ a cross-draw holster. Although most ambidextrous holsters feature belt-clips that can be used to attach the holster on either side of the belt, certain models only allow you to regularly draw your gun. Cross-draw holsters typically come supplied with special thumb break features that make them different and slightly easier to draw.

Are cross-draw holsters viable in close-quarter encounters?

It largely depends on the situation you find yourself in. Cross-draw holsters generally have poor retention at the front side, which means that in close-quarter encounters your assailant (or assailants) will be able to ‘steal’ your weapon if they’re quick enough.

This type of holster is ideally used when seated or at mid-range (approximately 5-6 meters), which means that they’re not perfect for use in enclosed spaces and if you’re getting bum-rushed from the side or behind.

Are cross-draw holsters comfortable for everyday use?

Generally speaking, it all depends on the model you own. Cross draw holsters are available in pretty much all material variations just like any other holsters, so there are Kydex ones, the ones made from leather, nylon, and similar materials. Obviously, the amount of comfort you’ll be able to feel while actually using a holster is mainly affected by the type and firmness of the material.