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The Glock 20 was specifically designed as a handgun for hunting although some people use it for other purposes. As the Glock 20 was designed for hunting, however, many of its holsters are not designed for a particularly quick draw but do usually still have an element of concealment, even if it is just colored the same as your hunting gear.

As this handgun is powerful though, there is perhaps even more reason why it should be carried in a secure holster. If the intention is to use the Glock for hunting, it is perhaps necessary to ensure the holster you buy is even more securely held in place than it would be as a regular, every day, concealed firearm as, during a hunting trip, you will probably be far more active than you otherwise would be in your regular routine.

The Best Hoster for Glock 20

As the Glock 20 was designed as a handgun alternative for hunting, it was made with more power than many other guns and as such, many of the holsters made for the Glock 20 were designed for hunting (OWB) but there are still some which were also designed for concealment, here are reviews for some of those:

Best Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster fits Glock 20/21 | Right | Carbon Fiber Black

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This holster is made from high-quality Kydex and was specifically designed for the high caliber Glock 20 plus other similar handguns, affording them good concealment. As the holster is lightweight it is comfortable to wear IWB and has a sweat shield to keep the gun protected.

Perhaps a unique feature of this holster is that it has an audible retention lock ensuring you have secured the weapon securely. The holster also provides a cant for even better safety.


  • Audible Retention – Allows peace of mind that the gun is properly secured
  • Good Quality – Made with high-grade materials
  • Comfortable – Lightweight
  • Design – Specifically designed for use with a Glock 20


  • Plastic Clip – May need replacing earlier than hoped

Outlaw Holsters NT Hybrid Black Carbon Fiber

NT Hybrid IWB Black Carbon Fiber & Leather Holster (Right-Hand, Glock 20,21,29)

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This is a popular holster as it is suitable for most guns. The reason for this is it molded to your gun type but with the muzzle open and has leather backing attached by 6 bolts to a black carbon fiber Kydex front. Although it only has one clip it has two retention screws.

This holster can be bought for either left or right-handed users, is relatively inexpensive and is comfortable even when partaking in rigorous activities like hunting.


  • Price – Relatively inexpensive
  • Concealment – Conceals nicely behind a waistband
  • Durability – Made from black carbon kydex


  • Not Camouflaged – But as an IWB still conceals well

Best Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holster

Barsony Holster Magazine Pouch

Barsony Gun OWB Belt Holster with Magazine Pouch for Glock 17 20 21 22 Right

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These OWB holsters are made for either left or right-handed people and are made from laminated Cordura nylon. The holster has a single retention clip and to assist in easy drawing has and adjustable thumb break.

For comfort, the holster includes a soft, waterproof, cell foam padding with smooth nylon lining.


  • Durable – Quality materials with strong stitching
  • Comfortable – Cell foam padding
  • Good Fit – Excellent fit for a Glock 20
  • Strong – Steel belt clip


  • Concealment – The double stitching on this holster does not make it ideal for easy concealment


BLACKHAWK! Serpa 413501BK-R Holster Glock 26,27,33 Gun Metal Grey

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This OWB holster is patented especially for civilian and range use and is suitable for a Glock 20 plus several other handguns. An addition feature to its single retention clip is that it gives an audible noise whenever the gun is re-holstered.

This holster has a very secure paddle mount which is compatible for both left or right-handed users.


  • Secure – Very secure paddle mount
  • Versatility – Can be used for either left or right-handed


  • Bulky – bulkier than similar holsters which can make it more uncomfortable and harder to conceal


BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Belt Loop and Paddle Holster For Glock 17/22/31 Right Hand Black

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This holster is carbon fiber with an auto lock which is made especially for secure concealment. As well as being designed to ensure your Glock 20 is secure, it is also designed to ensure an easy and quick draw if needed. 

Although referred to as a paddle holster, it also comes with a belt loop in case that is preferred by the user.


  • Affords Choice – It can either be a paddle or hook onto the belt
  • Secure – Holds the Glock tight until the release button is pressed
  • Quick Draw – The design ensures the finger is immediately placed on the trigger


  • Instructions – Can be confusing
  • Removal – The paddle can be difficult to remove if not needed


Blade-Tech Industries Revolution Belt Fits S&W M&P 9/40/45 Holster, Right, Black

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This holster, which is made for right handed users can be attached to a belt with loops or can be used as a paddle holster. With an adjustable retention, this holster is suitable for using on a range as well as being used for concealed carry.

Made from tough polymer it has been field-tested to prove it resilient in extreme conditions including being impact resistant.


  • Retention – The adjustable retention can assist in making the Glock carry more comfortably
  • Versatile – Has loops and paddle to suit your preference
  • Easy to Use – Its simple instructions make it ideal for novices


  • May Need Adjusting –When using the loops it may need adjusting in order to be more secure
  • Paddle –The paddle offers better security of the weapon

Outlaw Holsters OD Green Kydex OWB Holster

OD Green OWB Holster (Right-Hand, Glock 20,21,29)

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Molded to the shape of your Glock 20, this holster is olive drab green in order to better conceal when wearing your hunting gear. Although attached to the belt by 2 retention screws, a paddle or quick retention clips can be bought separately. 

Although the outside of the holster is Kydex, it is still pliable enough to contour to the shape of your hip.


  • Concealment – Designed for hunters the holster blends in with their gear
  • Optional Extras – Compatible quick retention clips or paddle are available


  • Size – Larger than some other similar holsters

DeSantis Mini Slide Holster

Desantis Mini Slide Holster For Glock 21 30 Right Hand Tan

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Although more expensive than many other holsters, this is OWB holster is quality made from real leather and so will last you longer. The holster is compact and can easily attach to your belt with 2 loops but it also has a screw retention option for better retention if needed.

The holster is designed to sit at a cant and this, plus its open nozzle, assists in a quick draw.


  • Durable –The quality leather provides longevity
  • Compact – Compact design
  • Secure Retention – Screw retention option


  • Thumb Break – This holster has none

Best Pancake Holster for Glock 20

BLACKHAWK! Leather 3-Slot Pancake Holster

BLACKHAWK 3-Slot Pancake Leather Black Concealment Holster, (Size 06), Right Hand, (Glock 20/21/37)

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Made with leather this pancake holster is available in black or tan or for left or right shooters. The holster is wet molded to fit your weapon and is completed with double stitching for strength. The 3 belt loops allow for different styles of wearing plus 2 different cants.

This holster has a thumb break which allows for better retention when worn in a cant and moving uphill.


  • Versatility – Can be worn several different ways
  • Secure Retention – Thumb brake


  • Quality – A higher grade of leather could have been used

Best Chest Holster for Glock 20

Diamond D Guides Choice Chest Holster for the Glock 20

Diamond D Guides Choice Glock 20 Chest Holster, 20SF/21/21SF

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This is a more traditional style of the holster that can be used whilst on the trail but is perhaps not ideal for concealed carry on the streets. The holster is made from high-quality leather and comes with several, additional options including an ammunition holder, full cover flap or a retention strap.

The holster is comfortable thanks to it being fully adjustable and made from leather.


  • Quality – Made from premium grade leather 
  • Comfort – Full adjustable


  • Upkeep Needed – The leather will have to be cleaned to maintain its best qualities


Buying Guide for a Glock 20 Holster

The most important thing when buying a holster is to ensure it is compatible with your gun, in this instance, a Glock 20. The second thing you will have to consider is if you wish to wear it concealed or open.

Today most people will want to wear it concealed and so there are many options for holsters that can carry your Glock concealed. The third thing you will have to decide is how you want to carry your holster, either in or on your belt, on your ankle or perhaps on your shoulder or chest.


Waistband Holsters

There are 2 main types of waistband holsters Inside Waistband (IWB) and Outside Waistband (OWB)


IWB Holsters 

These holsters perhaps offer more concealment than OWB holsters but as they are worn inside your waistband, many people find them to be uncomfortable. These holsters do however remain popular and so there are many different brands and styles you can choose from.


OWB Holsters

 In order to remain concealed these have to be worn with a jacket or coat but as they attach to the outside of your waistband they are more comfortable than an IWB holster. These types are also popular and many different variations are available. One of the variation types is known as a paddle holster which, whilst often offering an additional belt attachment, worn as a paddle it provides a quicker and easier draw.


Ankle Holsters 

Although these types of holsters do offer the best concealment they are the most awkward to access and draw. For this reason, they are not as popular as waistband holsters and so fewer different holsters are available.


Shoulder and Chest Holsters

These also are not always so easy to access or draw as in order for them to be concealed, a jacket must be worn over them to conceal them. They are however probably the most comfortable type of holster as they spread the weight of the holster and gun evenly across the whole upper body.

The next thing to consider is the material the holster is made from. For many years leather was the traditional material for holsters but today holsters are also made from Kydex or nylon. Although the newer materials may be better for many reasons, they are also heavier than the traditional leather.

Two of the reasons why a newer material may be favored is because they are cheaper and need less attention than leather which, in order to stay supple and long-lasting, needs to be cleaned regularly. A good quality leather, however, when properly cared for, will last you years and is more supple and therefore often more comfortable than newer options.

Finally, as any of the above-mentioned materials may eventually cause scratches on the muzzle of your Glock, consider buying a holster that has a soft inside lining.

Whilst taking all of the above into consideration the most important thing when buying a holster is personal preference, as you should only buy a holster you believe you will be comfortable wearing but remember, you are carrying a concealed weapon for a reason and so you must also weigh your comfort to your ability to be able to draw that weapon should it be needed. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best-concealed carry position?

An ankle holster is often considered the best as it does not require a jacket to be worn or have to keep a shirt tucked in


Is it safe to carry a Glock with a round in the chamber?

Yes, as long as the gun is correctly holstered and you keep your hand away from the trigger. It is rare that you will see danger coming and so keeping a round in the chamber is perhaps prudent


Can you sit with an IWB holster?

You can but if you want to keep it concealed it is best to hold the holster as you sit down and stand back up


Can you carry a gun in your waistband?

Yes that is what an IWB holster is for but many people find them uncomfortable and so opt for other conceal styles


Is Pocket carry open carry?

 Not if it cannot be seen but you must ensure that if you do carry it in your pocket as ‘concealed’, no part of it is visible otherwise it will be considered to be open carry


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