Best Glock 40 Holster

Everyone who values their own personal security knows that a good weapon is useless without a proper holster. Glock 40 is a reliable, versatile gun, but it won’t really help you much in a dire situation if you can’t draw it out in time.

With that in mind, we’ve scrounged the market for the best Glock 40 Holster models and have dug out only the most valuable picks; whether you are looking for IWB or OWB holsters, shoulder, chest, or leg holsters, we’ve got it covered. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to the reviews.

The Best Holster for Glock 40


Top 3 Best IWB Holsters for Glock 40


Watchdog Tactical Glock 40 Holster

Watchdog Tactical, Glock 40 Holster, Right-Handed, Black, OWB/IWB

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Let’s open up with Watchdog Tactical’s Glock holster. One of the best things about this particular model is that it’s incredibly sturdy and versatile; it’s made from robust Kydex material and was designed in such a way that you can carry it both over the waistband and inside the waistband.

It brings on board the benefit of reversible clips that you can secure onto your belt; to top it all, this holster boasts easy retention adjustment and features an open top for easier drawing.

It sports five-point screw adjustments, which means that you get to choose how loose or tight it will be. Furthermore, the Watchdog Tactical Glock 40 holster is pretty dark and inconspicuous, so it’s perfect for concealed carry.


  • Built from durable Kydex material
  • Inconspicuous design, perfect for concealed carry
  • Very versatile; can be carried OWB or IWB
  • Easy draw and great retention


  • Slightly more expensive than an average IWB holster for Glock 40

Craft Holsters Glock 40 Holster with Molle 5100

Craft Holsters Glock 40 Compatible Holster - Tactical Gun Holster with Molle (5100)

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Craft Holsters is the go-to brand for everyone looking for a premium-quality holster. They custom-make all of their holsters and also boast a plethora of exquisite models. The 5100  Tactical Glock 40 gun holster is based on a simple premise – it aims to provide you with reliable retention, security, and easiness of use.

The reason why this particular holster is so straightforward is that it utilizes Velcro strips instead of click-buttons. You can rest assured that the gun will remain tightly in place, but you’ll also be able to pull it out in mere seconds if you need to.

The holster adheres to MOLLE standards (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment), features the adjustable thumb-break, 45-cant, and is made from robust nylon material. Furthermore, it’s lined with ultra-soft fabric that feels pretty gentle and comfortable once worn. It barely weighs 11 ounces and is built to last.


  • Practically weightless
  • MOLLE system
  • Adjustable thumb-break
  • Made from robust nylon material


  • Custom-making process; you’ll need to wait for at least a couple of weeks

Craft Holsters Glock 40 Nylon Holster 433/4

Craft Holsters Glock 40 Compatible Holster - Concealed Carry Nylon Holster (433/4)

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Here we have another Glock 40 holster from Craft Holsters labeled as 433/4. Even though this holster is meant for the same weapon as our previous pick and it’s made by the same brand, there are numerous differences between the two models.

First, and most notably, this Glock 40 holster features the open-muzzle design. It’s also made from nylon material, but instead of being lined fabric, it utilizes 3D breathable mesh. Now, it might be just slightly more bulky, but it still feels great and is perfect for concealed IWB carry.

It was designed in such a way to prevent the gun from directly contacting the body while still providing you with the ability to quickly draw it when necessary.


  • Weighs just 4 ounces
  • Made from premium-quality nylon material
  • Built-in steel clip
  • Features breathable mesh material
  • Easy draw, superb retention


  • Custom-making process takes about four weeks

Best Shoulder Holsters for Glock 40

King Holster Shoulder Holster for Glock 20/40

King Holster Shoulder Holster fits Glock 10mm Model 20/40 | .357 Cal Model 31/32

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Easy to carry and simple to use, King Holster’s shoulder holster for Glock 40 is one of the most straightforward models out on the market. It comes in both right and left-hand options, and it’s fully adjustable; it doesn’t matter what type of body you have, this holster will adapt to it.

This model utilizes two elastic straps and one belt strap to keep the gun tightly secured. All of the straps are fully adjustable, so you will be able to position it anywhere between your ribs and chest.

The King Holster’s Glock 40 holster also comes supplied with a universal double magazine pouch that can fit single or double stacks of 9 mm, 40 mm, or 45 mm magazines.


  • Velcro strips for an easier draw
  • Adjustable carrying positions
  • Comes supplied with a universal double magazine pouch
  • Available in right and left-hand orientation styles


  • The mag pouch can get in the way of drawing

Silverhorse Holsters Shoulder Gun Holster

Silverhorse Holsters Chest/Shoulder Gun Holster | Fits Glock 40 MOS with a Flashlight and 2' Compensator and Other Similar Sized Guns (Right)

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The Silverhorse Holsters’ Glock 40 holster is a very versatile model; it comes with three fully adjustable straps that allow you to use it as a shoulder or as a chest holster.

It’s fairly durable as it’s made from 600 D Nylon material, packed with 0.25-inch foam and inner-lined with water-resistant poly-nylon fabric. On top of that, it’s quite light and utilizes simple strips to keep the gun snug and tight.

This gun holster also sports an expansion for Glock pistols modified with flashlights, as well as a side pouch for a single 9 mm magazine.


  • Made from premium-quality nylon material
  • Very comfortable foam liner
  • Triple stitching for extra durability
  • Can fit Glock 40s modified with flashlights or laser sights


  • Closed top with button-clip somewhat increases the time needed to draw the gun

Best Leg Holsters for Glock 40

GHFY Molle Tactical Pistol Thigh Gun Holster

GHFY Molle Tactical Pistol Thigh Gun Holster, Drop Leg Holster, Right Hand Adjustable

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GHFY’s MOLLE tactical thigh holster is one of the best Glock 40 holster models available for the money. The top strap attaches onto the belt while the other two straps hug your thigh, keeping the gun snug and stable at all times.

It feels very comfortable because it’s incredibly light, but it’s also highly durable; it’s made from top-quality nylon and fabric material and is superiorly adjustable. There’s a Velcro strap on the top for easier draw and re-holstering, as well as a side pocket where you can store a standard-issue 9 mm magazine.

This Glock 40 holster was designed in such a way that it allows you to readily draw your weapon whenever needed without having to stress about unbuttoning numerous strips and straps. It’s compact, light, sturdy, and remarkably easy to use.


  • Made from remarkably durable Nylon and fabric materials
  • Equipped with Velcro straps for an easier draw
  • Completely adjustable straps
  • Superb retention


  • Designed with extra space for flashlight/laser sights

Craft Holsters Glock 40 Nylon Tactical Holster 551

Craft Holsters Glock 40 Compatible Holster - Nylon Tactical Holster for Gun w Light/Laser (551)

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The Craft Holsters’ Glock 40 551 tactical holsters might be the ultimate leg holster for this beautiful weapon. It utilizes two side straps and one buckle strap on top to keep the gun stable and ready, but it also allows the wearer to comfortably carry the Glock 40 in a concealed position.

Although it was designed for right-handed users, the left-handed option is available via request. Since Craft Holsters’ models are custom-made, you’ll need to wait for a couple of weeks until the manufacturing process is complete.

On the brighter side, you’ll be able to dial in all the extra specs you want your holster to have. If your Glock 40 is modified with a bigger clip size, flashlight, laser sight, or extended/snub barrel, the manufacturer will take these specs into account.


  • Ultra-safe and reliable
  • Built to last
  • Available in both right and left-handed options
  • Designed with a side magazine pouch


  • Custom-making + shipping will take a while

Nehostertfy Drop Leg Holster

Drop Leg Holster, Right Handed Tactical Thigh Pistol Gun Holster Leg Harness

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There are a lot of similarities between our previous pick and Nehostertfy’s drop leg holster; both of these holsters feature closed-top with a Velcro strap and three adjustable attachment straps in total. Furthermore, both of these holster models for Glock 40 feature a side pouch for a flashlight or additional magazines.

Now, what makes them different is the type of material they’re built from. This particular model is incredibly light, as it weighs barely above 9 ounces. It’s made from highly durable 1000 Denier Nylon material and is available in several color options, including Black, Tan, Green, ACU, CP, and Camouflage.


  • Made from robust 1000 Denier Nylon material
  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Available in several color options
  • Side pouch for extra magazine or flashlight


  • Poorly designed thumb break

Best Chest Holsters for Glock 40

GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster for Glock 40

GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster for Glock 40 MOS, MAS Grey/Coyote, Right Hand

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Next up is GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster. This holster was designed to fit the most modified (and obviously, unmodified) version of Glock 40 that utilizes MOS adapters. It’s very convenient, durable, and easy to use.

The holster is pretty straightforward; it packs three adjustable straps and was designed to fit almost all body types. Due to its superb adjustability, you can carry it high and low, although not on the waist.


  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Made from durable materials
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Designed to fit almost all body types and sizes


  • Quite expensive


Alpha Holster Belly Band Handgun Holster

AlphaHolster Belly Band Gun Holster wtih Dual Magazine Pouch. Cross Draw - Right or Left Hand - Any Gun - Any Clothing (XX-Large Beige)

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Let’s wrap it up with AlphaHolster’s belly-band handgun holster. This gun holster is pretty unique; it wasn’t specifically designed for Glock 40, but it can most certainly fit inside. This belly ‘band’ provides superb retention and easy draw benefits, and, to top it all, it boasts an ambidextrous design, which means that it’s suited for both right and left-handed people.

It’s made from ultra-durable materials and it packs extra space for two standard-issue 9mm magazines on the side.


  • Very easy to use
  • Extra space for two 9mm magazines
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Built from durable, flexible materials


  • Slightly less comfortable to wear


Best Holster for Glock 40 Buying Guide

Picking a good holster isn’t too hard; even so, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration if you want to get the most value for your buck, such as:

Build material

The most frequently used materials for the construction process of a Glock 40 holster are leather, Kydex, neoprene, and refined nylon. Ranking from the best to the lowest, Kydex offers sturdiness and flexibility; leather is rigid but unparalleled in terms of robustness; nylon is exceptionally elastic and light while neoprene is a bit flimsier, but still pretty comfortable to use.

Carry Angle

The Carry Angle is synonymous with ‘holster’s cant’. Even though it falls down to the matter of subjective preference, certain holsters have a ‘flexible cant’, which basically means that you can adjust the carry angle at whim; other, simpler holsters have a ‘fixed cant’, which means you’re stuck with what you get.


The design of your holster is fairly important; big, bulky holsters are usually sturdier, but they will reveal that you are carrying a gun. Smaller holsters might appear as unsafe to use, but they’re actually perfect for concealed carry.

Glock 40 Holster Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a Glock 40 Holster?

Although everyone has their own preferences, most people can agree on the fact that Kydex is the best-rounded material for a Glock 40 Holster. It’s not as stiff as leather while offering roughly the same durability and it’s not too heavier in comparison to neoprene.

What’s the difference between a Chest holster and a Shoulder holster?

Both chest and shoulder holsters can be hung high or low, but the main differences between these two categories of holsters in the drawing movement and how quickly you can un-holster the gun. Most chest holsters are very practical and allow you to draw your weapon quickly while shoulder straps are perfect for concealed carry.

How important is the ‘Retention’ quality of a holster?

Retention and Carry Angle are two most important aspects of gun holster’s security. The retention is just as important as the other one; possibly even more simply because a holster with poor retention could lead you to a situation where someone could snatch your gun away. A holster with ultra-poor retention won’t even keep your gun at bay most of the time.

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