Best Gun Holsters for Hunting

You might be on an outdoor adventure or are gearing up for your hunting expedition. Either way, you have a long stretch of miles to cover, while running up the rugged terrains. So, what exactly would be the perfect, most durable holster for you? It’s definitely a matter of what suits you the best by accommodating your comfort and convenience.

While you’re out hunting, you’re sure to be faced with a good amount of trekking with your backpack on. Since your backpack holds a considerable amount of weight, it’s important to pick a holster that wouldn’t be overwhelmingly weighty. It’s also important to make sure that your holster doesn’t come in the way of your backpack, which can lead to a lot of discomfort or even an accident. Here are a few hunting holsters that work best when on the move through the wilderness.

Chest Holsters

Although not many people use chest holsters, they have been around for a while. While you may not find any use for chest holders when out in a public place, there have been scenarios where these holsters turn out to be indispensable. Widely popular among hunters and hikers, chest holsters provide a great stability for your gun placement. When you have a massive backpack and when using a shoulder or a waist holster doesn’t seem all that good an idea, you can rely on the chest holster.

Chest holsters require a shoulder/neck harness. Distributing the weight of the firearm evenly across your chest, these holsters are very easy to carry. They also provide perfect accessibility once you get a hang of using them. With great suspension and comfortably padded straps, the chest holsters can be your best friend. With this hunting holster you can keep going for long distances.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters come with a bonanza of advantages when it comes to hunting. For a start, they are roomy and allow you to carry your best firearms comfortably. Since shoulder holsters are known for distributing the weight evenly across a larger body surface area, they can help you beat the overwhelming exhaustion that usually accompanies carrying backpacks and firearms. With barely any weight slowing you down, you can go about your activities in a quick and undemanding manner.

The most important consideration to be taken while opting a shoulder holster would be testing its compatibility with your backpack. Make sure it doesn’t add any bulk or hindrance to carrying the backpack smoothly. Adjust the holster straps firmly and comfortably across your shoulders. Check out this resilient and high retention shoulder holster here:

The best part about shoulder holsters is their usability for both public areas and isolated wilderness. They are also one of the most enduring and durable holsters out there.

Backpack Holsters

One of the best options for hunting, backpack holsters will make your life a lot easier in the woods. This is because a backpack holster comes with a shoulder holster attached to it. This means that you don’t have to juggle with your shoulder holster and your backpack because of this brilliant two in one holster. If you want to go loud and proud with an open carry, this is the way to go. Unlike shoulder holsters, backpack holsters will have the holsters suspended comparatively closer to your chest. This can take a bit of a gun withdrawing practice if you’re too accustomed to shoulder holsters.

Camo IWB KYDEX Holsters

In case you want the option of a thorough concealed carry option when you’re out in the wild, IWB KYDEX holsters can be worked out. Although, since they are usually tucked inside the waistband, they can cause a bit of a discomfort in the beginning due to a great deal of body movements. However, it doesn’t take long to get accustomed to it. For those who love the element of surprise, IWB holsters are a great choice that are out of the way of the waistband of the backpack.

You can pick a great camo holster from here:

Drop-Leg Holsters

What has a real neat gun drawing capacity and doesn’t ever come in the way of your backpack? That’s correct, the drop leg or the thigh holster. When wearing a DLH holster, it’s extremely important to wear a sturdy belt. While on the move, it’s more convenient to wear the holster high up on the thigh. Since rigorous movements might lead your holster to either twist or get uprooted of its secure position, ensuring a high retention device would be a great precaution.

Although a thigh holster is quite efficient, it might affect your stride due its weight that exists only on one of the two legs. This can slow you down, unless of course you have enough practice to beat it down. In case you find wearing a belt to be uncomfortable for your movements, you can try the clever option of attaching the holster’s waist strap to your backpack’s waist belt. This way the DLH can be a great hunting holster make your journey more comfortable.

OWB Holsters

Since hunting involves a great deal of body movements, it can be a challenge to keep your firearms secured and sturdy. This is where the OWB holsters come to your rescue, by holding on tight to your gun belt. They give you the possibility of a quick grip, high retention, perfect accessibility and easy drawing capacity.

When you choose an OWB holster that suits your style, it’s paramount to ensure an excellent retention over the handgun. Mounting this holster doesn’t take a lot of time and you can choose the appropriate side you want to fix it on. OWB holster enables the least amount of friction, all the while keeping your gun at a safe and comfortable grip distance.

In case you’re looking for an off-body holster, you can look up some pocket holsters or a camo holster fanny pack. However, off-body holsters aren’t very ideal and should only be carried as backups. Since every hunting holster comes with its own pros and cons, it’s up to you to experiment and pick what works the best for you.