Best Thigh Gun Holster

If you’re looking for the best way to open carry your weapon, look no further. Thigh Gun Holsters are the ultimate solution for you. The benefit of thigh gun holsters is that you can easily access your sidearm without anything getting in the way.

It naturally positions the sidearm for a quick draw as your thigh is in an ideal place to attach your weapon. With so many options for the best thigh gun holster to buy, we’ve compiled a list of the best four. We also have a buying guide to give you all the info you need. Let’s get started!

Best Thigh Gun Holster – Product Reviews

GHFY Tactical Drop Leg Holster

Tactical Drop Leg Holster, Thigh Pistol Gun Holster, Right Hand Adjustable (Black)
  • 1: Very comfortable, and easy to adjust. great for operators, or outdoorsmen who want to comfortably carry a sidearm. Crawl, run, jump and rock climbing freely without worrying about weapons dropping.
  • 2: This is very nice and adjustable MOLLE leg holster, Once you know how to set it up, This is a unique and great holster.with adjustable velcro strap.
  • 3: Retention system with additional velcro strap to secure weapon. Tactical design keeps gun in ready position, fully adjustable for height and tension makes you feel suitable.
  • 4: Universal design fits most medium to large frame hand guns, Beretta 92F Glock 17 Colt M2000 P229 HKP7 Ruger P85 M1911A1 and others.
  • 5: Tactical drop leg pistol holster; ----Usually for Right Hand, Right Thigh.

This thigh gun holster comes in four colors of black, grey, green, and tan. It is a unique and adjustable MOLLE leg holster that is comfortable and easy to adjust. It’s perfect for any outdoorsman who comfortably wants to carry a sidearm. It is made of durable and lightweight material to fit your pistol even when you’ve mounted a laser or flashlight.
It has a high-quality Velcro strap, a quick-release buckle system, and a tactical design, combined with an extra magazine attachment and a frame. Its universal design allows it to fit most medium to large-framed handguns, such as a wide variety of Glock’s and Beretta’s.
It can be attached to the waist belt, then fastened to the leg. It has a fully adjustable wrap-around design for security and an adjustable non-slip leg strap. This helps to minimize movement and give maximum comfort. If you are not sure what kind of holster to get, you can’t go wrong with this thigh gun holster and it’s fantastic value for money.

Nehostertfy Drop Leg Holster

Adjustable Leg Holster, Black Tactical Thigh Holster for Pistols with Magazine Pouch
  • Thigh Holster Tactical Leg Holster,Wrap-Around design with adjustable strap,Usually for Right Hand, Right Thigh
  • the leg holster Strap can be fully adjustable for leg,fit for 19-27 inches Thigh circumference
  • the Leg holster Can be attached in the waist belt and fasten to the Thigh,Another Pouch fit with flashlight mount.
  • Dual thigh straps with non-slip backing and quick-release buckles.Fit for right handed or left handed.

This thigh gun holster is another that comes in a great variety of colors. This model is a tactical leg holster that has a wrap-end design with an adjustable strap. It’s made for right-handers and is made of nylon, which is a lightweight and durable material. Just like most high-quality thigh holsters, it can also fit your pistol with a laser or flashlight on.
The thigh holster fits full-size, mid-size, compact, and revolver pistols. It has many straps and it’s fully adjustable for leg fit. That is, 9-27 inches in thigh circumference. It can also be attached to the waist belt and fastened to the thigh.
It has all the features that you want from a thigh gun holster and allows you to rapidly access your weapon. You’ll feel very comfortable when this is on your legs. It also fits very well with the thigh straps with a non-slip quick-release buckle.

XAegis Drop Leg Holster

XAegis Drop Leg Holster for Pistols Tactical Thigh Rig Gun Holster with Magazine Pouch Adjustable Right Handed,Black
  • Universal Thigh Holster for Men and Women - Fully Adjustable Wrap-Around Design with Velcro Strap Fits Most Medium to Full Frame Pistols, Even with a Light or Laser Attached.
  • Security is Provided Both with Adjustable Thumb Break and Extra Hook and Loop Retention. Features Front-mounted Pouch with Adjustable Lid for Extra Magazine, Knife or Light.
  • Dual Strap System Wrap Around Your Leg Leaves the Holster Secure, with Two Buckles for Easily Attaching and Detaching. Fits for 19-27 Inches Thigh Circumference.
  • Includes a Quick Release Belt Drop Attachment Allows for Belt Mounting, You Can Adjust the Drop of This Thigh Holster with the Belt Strap, Long Enough for Taller Guys.
  • Made of 1000D Ballistic Nylon Materials Quality Construction Built to Last and Withstand Constant Abuse. Whether You Play Airsoft, Hunt, Fish, or Shoot at the Range, The XAegis Fast Draw Thigh Carry is the Perfect Option for Any Outdoor Activities.

This gun holster comes in either black or army green, and it’s most convenient for someone who carries a lot of gear. This is because it’s effortless to access your sidearm while on the move or even in a three-gun comp. Its wrap-around design ensures you’re going to be able to slide even the bigger pistols into the XAegis, even with a light or laser attached.
It has a dual strap that holds tight enough for range work if you’re dealing with a full-frame sidearm and a light or a laser or when you have extra mag pouches on your drop leg. Made of 1000D ballistic nylon material and Velcro, this is a strong, stiff, and steady holster for tactical use.
It can withstand constant abuse. So, whether you hunt for fish, shoot at the range, or just want protection, this thigh gun holster is the perfect companion for any outdoor activity.

Carlebben Drop Leg Holster

Drop Leg Holster Molle Airsoft Holster Thigh Pistol Gun Holster Tactical Adjustable Right Handed Carlebben (Black)
  • SUITABLE FOR: The wrap-around design and adjustable straps make it suitable to hold full size, mid size and compact pistols.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The leg straps can be adjusted to a maximum working range of 27 inches to accommodate different thigh circumferences.
  • FEATURES: Right leg holster. Extra magazine pouch. Retention system on top to secure weapon.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The rugged 1000D nylon fabric and sturdy double stitching give the holster great durability in any environment.
  • SERVICE COMMITMENT: If you are unsatisfied with the drop leg holster, 100% get money back.

This thigh gun holster is typically offered in two colors, black or tan. Due to its wrap-around design and adjustable strap, it can hold full size, middle size, and compact pistols. It has an adjustable leg strap that can accommodate different thigh circumferences, up to 27 inches.
The right leg holster has an extra magazine pouch, which is a great additional feature. With this thigh gun holster, you can be assured of premium quality. This is because it is made of 1000D nylon fabric and has sturdy double stitching, hence great durability.
If you haven’t put your hands on this thigh gun holster, you should consider getting one. You even get a 100% refund if you are unsatisfied. That won’t happen though. We loved it and it’s clear that Carlebben has countless happy customers.

Best Thigh Gun Holster – Buying Guide


When shopping for a thigh gun holster, comfort should be your top priority, especially if you intend to wear the holster every day. Your go-to holster should always provide support, so that activities such as walking or running do not cause the holster’s grip on the thigh to loosen.
This is especially important for thigh gun holsters as you don’t want them either too tight and pressing into your leg or too loose and knocking against it. All four models we’ve looked at here fit very well.


Because you will be carrying the holster frequently, it is best if you choose a holster that is not too heavy for you. Thigh gun holster carry is a good weight-bearing option, so if you’re having trouble carrying around your waistband for whatever reason, taking the weight off your belt and putting it over your thigh is a great idea.


Nylon and leather are the most commonly used materials for thigh gun holsters. The holster’s material is critical because it determines the holster’s durability. Nylons with 800D or higher are more durable than other materials.
Leather is great as it’s tough and looks great but it does have a couple of drawbacks when it comes to a thigh holster. Firstly, it is heavier than nylon and therefore your weight is going to be quite unbalanced.
With leather, it’s also stiffer which can be uncomfortable and it’s less adjustable. Due to the need for free movement with the gun being placed in your thigh, we’d recommend going for the best nylon thigh gun holster.

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