What’s the Scoop on Biometric Gun Safes? – An Introduction and Why You Might Want One

Biometric Gunsafes: An Introduction

Biometric Gun Safes: An Introduction and Why You Might Want One

Owning a gun is not mandatory, but once you have made the commitment to invest in a weapon, the gun safe is mandatory to keep it safe. However, with so many options, it can be quite daunting when it comes to choosing the right safe.

The biometric safe is one of the best options on the market if you are looking for something that is technologically advanced, but with so many misconceptions and myths, many people still stay away from these safes, not even to mention the fact that they are a little more expensive as well.

Looking into safes, gave us the opportunity to consult a couple of experts and find out exactly what they say about the biometric safe and its functionality. In this article, you should learn a little more about these safes and how they operate, it should clear up a couple of the misconceptions, while also giving you some valuable insight into the technology.

Why You Should Consider The Biometric Safe:

A common misconception with biometric safes is the fact that the technology will always have a weakness. Moreover, while this claim does carry some water, it still does not mean that they are completely vulnerable. Since the biometric safe works with fingerprint technology, it eliminates the need for carrying around a key and also provides faster access.

Gun SafeThe biometric safe is certainly one of the best options when it comes to offering you quick access to your firearm. Since they are available in different sizes and shapes, they can be mounted virtually anywhere and this will be ideal for concealed carry in your motor vehicle or next to your nightstand whilst sleeping at night.

Another great aspect of the biometric safe is the fact that it can be used by multiple users. This makes it the ideal safe to have in the office for storing some of your important documents and to give other people access when you are not in the office. The first fingerprint is generally considered to be the admin users and will have the control of choosing who may have access to the safe.

What You Should Consider When Choosing A Biometric Safe:

When choosing a biometric safe, there are a few things that you will need to consider to ensure that you do get great value for your money. These features are important and some of them might even spike the cost of your safe. Here are the main features you should look out for in your biometric safe:

  • Size: The size is one of the most important aspects of the biometric safe. It will be dictated by the use you have of the safe and what you will be using it for. The smaller sizes are generally a little cheaper and they will be more portable, while the larger safes are better for your rifles.
  • Construction: The safe should be constructed from top quality steel, as this will make it a little stronger when intruders are trying to pry it open. One thing that you should also keep in mind is that these safes are not water-or-fireproof due to the electronic technology used in them.
  • Additional opening methods: The biometric lock is generally battery powered or plugged into the power of your home. Since the power might cut out or the batteries might die, you will need to have an additional way of opening up the safe without the biometric feature. An additional key or combination lock is generally used for this.
  • Battery powered or electric: The electric is the safest option to choose from. However, the battery is ideal for a smaller and portable biometric safe and will still give you access if the power cuts out. Choosing between these two is important, but if you could have both, it will be a better decision.
  • Mounting capabilities and difficulty: One thing you should always keep in mind is that the heavier the safe is, the tougher it will be to mount successfully. The mounting of the safe is definitely something you need to keep in mind as the law does give you certain standards that will need to be followed in order for you to do this.
  • DOJ Approved: The best safes are generally approved by the California Department of Justice. This means that they have been tested to be functional and work as they should when it comes to keeping all of your belongings safe as well.
  • Additional Accessories: Additional accessories can be included, but they will ultimately result in a higher cost to you when you purchase your safe. Having a light will drain the battery much faster, but can be perfect for use at night. One feature we do not recommend is the biometric safes that work with the mobile apps. These safes are quite risky as your phone can be hacked or stolen.

Before purchasing one of these safes, you will need to keep these features in mind. They will definitely have an effect on your use of the safe and they will ensure that you do get better value for your money. We would recommend looking at your budget and determining which of these features you are able to afford before purchasing the safe and having a salesman make you spend more than you could afford.

The Technology behind the Biometric Safe:

Understanding the technology behind the biometric safe is quite interesting and fascinating as well. Biometrics in security is generally considered an automated system that is used to identify an individual by his or her physical or behavioral characteristics. The retina in the eye or the fingerprint is considered to be the two most unique parts on the outside of the human body and these are generally used for safety purposes.

Gun Safes are High Tech
Gun safes have gone high tech. Will you be left behind?

Once you purchase a biometric safe, you will need to scan in your eye or your retina and this will not be stored directly as information like many people might think. The onboard computer draws a graph from the collected information and this is once again done when you use the scanner to open the safe. It is also one of the fatal flaws that allow the biometric safe to be accidentally opened by children playing and siblings.

All biometric safes have a computer and software installed for determining whether the fingerprint that is used in the scanner, is the right one that has been installed to open the safe. If the fingerprint does not match, this can be linked to an alarm that might go off and alert you that someone has been tampering with your safe.

Pros and Cons of the Biometric Safe:

As with anything in life, you will have pros and cons that you will need to deal with. The biometric safe is exactly the same and you will have a couple of pros and cons that need to be dealt with in order for you to get the best possible results. Here are a couple of pros and cons that you need to be aware off when purchasing the biometric safe:


  • You will have a unique lock:

Since it makes use of your fingerprint, you will have a unique lock and key if we may call it that. The key is your fingerprint and this is completely unique and cannot be forged unless you give them the opportunity to do so. It enables you to also have lone-access to the safe, without anyone being able to get to your personal belongings.

  • Fast access:

The biometric safe gives you faster access to the safe and you will not need to worry about anything else that needs to be in place like the key. You will also be able to access it from anywhere an the key cannot be lost anywhere. Since these safes are locked with technology, they will be faster to open and give you faster access in times of need.

  • Extremely convenient:

The biometric safe also tends to be extremely convenient and this will be perfect for those people looking to have a safe close by in the living room to keep you protected. The convenience aspect is one of the main reasons why people choose this over the mechanical safes that takes some additional time to open.

  • Stores multiple fingerprints:

With these safes, you will not need to make a new key for everyone you want to give access. It also eliminates the security risk of someone giving the combination away or losing the key to your safe. Some of the top biometric safes can store up to 30 different fingerprints with the first one being the admin one.


  • Malfunctions may occur:

Technology is bound to have a couple of weaknesses and this is where malfunctions may occur. Should the computer have a problem, you might be left high and dry with a fingerprint scanner that will not open. We would recommend having the scanner checked often and just testing it from time to time to see if it is still working.

  • Maintenance costs are expensive:

Biometric safes need to be maintained and the software can also be upgraded to avoid viruses and other harmful disruptions. Unfortunately, this can be quite expensive over the long term, but will still work perfectly if you manage to keep everything up to date.

  • The safes are quite expensive in general:

The biometric safe tends to be quite expensive due to all of the technology that has been used in it. Comparing the prices to some of the other safes can be quite daunting to the eye and you might need to consider whether or not you have the funds available to afford one.

Final Thoughts:

The biometric safe is generally a great investment and even though it might have a couple of flaws you need to deal with, these can all be sorted with time. As we are becoming more technologically advanced, these safes are also becoming better and better and this means that there will be fewer flaws for you to deal with.

We would definitely recommend the biometric safe and we would also like to encourage you to share your thoughts on these safes and whether you feel that they will be a great investment. If you think we might have missed anything important, please drop a comment in the comment section.

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