Reviewing the Best DeSantis Holsters

The DeSantis slogan says it all: “We didn’t invent concealment, we just perfected it.” DeSantis Gunhide, more commonly known today as DeSantis Holster, can trace its roots back to 1972, when their founder first began making holsters by hand at his kitchen table. 38 years later they’ve become a leader in the industry not only … Read more

Buying the Best Kydex Holster

Now that you own a handgun, have you considered how you’re going to carry it? There are countless holsters on the market and the sheer variety of carry methods can be overwhelming, let alone when you consider just how many different styles of holsters there actually are and how many companies produce them. How you … Read more

Ankle Holsters Overview and Top Choices

If you are in need of a holster for concealed carry, an ankle holster has probably crossed your mind.  You may also be considering other concealment holsters, such as shoulder holsters or inside the waistband holsters, but ankle holsters are an excellent option and an enduring method of proper concealed carry. Many people choose to … Read more

Shoulder Holsters Overview and Top Choices

Shoulder holsters are a special type of harness designed to carry around one or more firearms and/or supplementary ammunition. The typical shoulder gun holster is usually designed with an ambidextrous approach, allowing customers to utilize it accordance to their hand preference (right or left). In addition to this feature, most concealed carry shoulder holsters are … Read more

The Absolute Concealed Carry Laws and Guide

Contents0.1 Part 1: The Absolute Concealed Carry Guide0.1.1 The Golden Rules of Gun Safety0.1.2 Deciding What to Carry: The 3 C’s0.1.3 Concealability0.1.4 Caliber0.1.5 Comfort0.1.6 How to Conceal Carry0.1.7 Legalities of Concealed Carry0.2 Part 2: Concealed Carry Laws1 Why You Need to Know State Gun Laws2 Concealed Carry2.0.1 Reciprocity2.0.2 Travel2.0.3 Stand Your Ground2.0.4 Castle Doctrine3 Few … Read more

The Top Glock 27 Holsters

Making a good purpose pistol for concealed carry can be difficult. A weapon that is too small is easy to conceal, but often under powered, inaccurate, and difficult to shoot. On the opposite end, a pistol too large is hard to conceal, can be uncomfortable to carry for long periods of time, but shoots well, … Read more