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Choosing Concealed Carry Pants

Dressing for your gun; it’s unsightly, uncomfortable, and really defeats the idea of “concealed” carry. For those of you not familiar, a wardrobe can easily become a problem for anyone carrying concealed, making the outline of your handgun clearly visible under your clothes and leaving a nice visible imprint for everyone to see. The common… Read More »

Choosing Gun Holsters for Women

An important part of the concealed-carry zeitgeist is to protect women; however, a majority of both open and concealed-carry holsters are designed with a man in mind. Heavier belts for support on belt holsters, styles that depend on baggy, untucked clothing to conceal, and carry options that don’t take into account the different shape of… Read More »

Choosing a Concealed Carry Vest

With such a wide variety of concealed carry options on the market, it can definitely be difficult finding a concealed carry option that adequately conceals your handgun, let alone be comfortable.  But a concealed carry vest will provide you with a viable option for keeping your weapon both concealed and comfortable enough so that you hardly… Read More »