Best Galco Gun Holster Reviews

Galco Gunleather (Galco International) is one of the market’s leading titans in the gun holster industry. As a matter of fact, Galco is such a versatile brand that they own a variety of sub-branches and dabble in numerous spheres of commerce, such as Galco Electronics, for example. They offer a huge catalog that blends traditional … Read more

Best Alien Gear Gun Holster Reviews

If you’re searching for a comfortable tactical holster, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Today we’re going to talk about Alien Gear holsters, which are some of the most uniquely designed gun carrier tools on the entire market, so let’s get straight to it: Best Alien Gear Gun Holster Reviews Alien Gear ShapeShift Core … Read more

Reviewing the Best Blackhawk Holsters

If you’ve taken the step of buying a handgun, either for personal protection, competitive shooting, or professional law enforcement, you’ve made an important investment. Once you’ve learned to safely use your handgun, you need to focus on a solid, dependable holster next; not only is carrying around your firearm without a holster uncomfortable, it can … Read more

Reviewing the Best Safariland Holsters

The first-ever Safariland holster was made in 1964 by founder Neale Perkins, who created that initial piece at his father’s request. In a matter of months the company grew from that one holster to hundreds to five thousand, and it was clear Safariland holsters were here to stay. After all, in the gun industry, quality … Read more

Reviewing the Best Fobus Holsters

Fobus Holsters was founded in 1978 with the purpose of creating durable holsters offering gun owners passive retention and rapid deployment. Although the company got its start producing leather holsters they ended up becoming the first company ever to make custom-molded injected polymer holsters, and the rest is, as they say, firearms history. The company … Read more

Reviewing the Best Uncle Mike’s Holsters

Uncle Mike’s has been a leader in shooting accessories for over 67 years and the pioneer in the use of nylon to manufacture holsters. Being the industry standard in nylon holsters for over 20 years, Uncle Mike’s has built not only their reputation but also their market share with a holster for every shooter. With … Read more

Reviewing the Best DeSantis Holsters

The DeSantis slogan says it all: “We didn’t invent concealment, we just perfected it.” DeSantis Gunhide, more commonly known today as DeSantis Holster, can trace its roots back to 1972, when their founder first began making holsters by hand at his kitchen table. 38 years later they’ve become a leader in the industry not only … Read more