Choosing the Right Holster

Much goes into choosing the best holster to own. Whether you’re a police officer, avid range shooter, or just an average American carrying concealed, selecting the right holster is a big deal. Sure you could blindly buy the first one you come across, but there’s a good chance it’ll end up in a drawer full of other impulse holster buys. One method you could follow is what many call “socialdoubleshoulderholster proof”. This term is basically social influence based on reviews that others have noted either in person or online.

If you go to a site like and you find a shoulder holster with 100 reviews of mostly 5 star ratings, there’s a good chance that holster is a good buy. In the same breath, if there are a lot of people in your department who own the same holster and rave about the comfort and draw speed, it’s also likely that holster is worth considering.

Targeting the Best Holster For You

As you go along on this site, you’ll find there’s more than one avenue to narrow down the holster you want. Maybe you have a specific price range or specific handgun you’re trying to match to a holster. We strive to give a reader every way possible to find the best holster for them. Let’s look at the various ways to find the PERFECT holster for you….aka, your Hero.

1) A holster is additional item that will be attached to your body somewhere, increasing the importance of finding one that is comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Additionally, certain holster types may be mandatory by your line of work. And most importantly, since drawing your gun can be a matter of life and death, it’s important to choose a location that will not hinder your draw speed. Much goes into making a decision on where on your body to wear a holster (shoulder, ankle, iwb, belly, etc.) and thus we have a section related to:

2) Gun owners usually have a preference for how they want their holster to feel and age over time. Leather holsters have more give, but sweat. Kydex holsters are as sturdy as they come, don’t sweat but are pretty rigid and pointy. Zeroing in on the perfect material for you is important and that’s why we have a section related to:

3) Many owners of handguns have a certain brand preference caused by their upbringing or an association to a brand they have known to love over the years, such as Galco, Crossbreed, Bianchi, etc. This loyalty may be due to a recommendation or by years of reliable usage. Because of that, we have a section related to:

4) Similarly, handgun owners may live and die by their Glock or Smith & Wesson and won’t budge or even consider another type of gun for their daily use. It’s what they are and it defines them as a person. For that reason, we have a section related to:

5) Holsters aren’t the only component a gun owner needs to conceal their weapon in a comfortable manner. Often times, there is a need to invest in concealed carry pants, vests, fanny packs, purses, and more. We don’t want to leave this important area out so that’s why we have a section related to:

6) Often a person is looking for information on holsters in general because they are new to the industry and aren’t aware of the terminology and different types of holsters made available. There’s also the readers that thrive on firearm and concealed carry articles that bring about spirited discussions, such as our Absolute Guide to Concealed Carry. That’s why we pride ourselves with providing this information to newbies (and experienced folk) in a section related to:

7) Buying a gun, ammo and holster is just the first step. While choosing the right equipment is important, feeling confident enough to use it when the time comes take a lot of time and practice. This is where in-person or video Conceal Carry training comes in.

Hopefully you can get as much out of this website as possible as we continue to add new holsters all the time and help make your holster decision easy by finding the best concealed carry holster for you…