Choosing a Fanny Pack Holster

Voodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny Pack

When it comes to concealed carry, there are more than a few options for methods and holsters. And even when you decide which method to use on a daily basis everyone ends up needing multiple methods in order to carry in a variety of situations.

For example, many runners who are also gun owners struggle to find a way to take their firearm along with them on their daily runs, and a common solution is the fanny pack holster.

Fanny pack holsters are exactly what they sound like, fanny packs that double as holsters. There are quite a few versions on the market, such as the Voodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon, pictured to the right, each offering a different level of retention inside the pack itself. And if you do choose this mode of concealed carry, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

A good fanny pack holster offers comfort and security. Simply dropping a firearm into a pouch and having it jostle around as you move would be both uncomfortable and unsafe, so obviously you want to choose a fanny pack that provides actual security. And then there’s drawing from this type of holster.

Poor presentation or a rushed, distracted draw can result in injury, for example, if you somehow fire a round as you draw it’s quite possible to shoot your own hand or arm. You want a style that allows you to draw in a manner that protects your off hand while maintaining rapid presentation.

The Best Fanny Pack Holsters

As with choosing any holster, doing some research helps, and that’s why we’re supplying an overview of a few of the best fanny pack holsters currently on the market.


1. DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Holster

DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack CORDURA NYLON - Black
  • WARNING***PLEASE notice how the gun fits in this pack by observing the pictures on our listing. PLEASE look at this before you buy. You would not believe how many people buy this and then complain their gun will not fit in this pack because they do not see the barrel goes into the belt. They think the little square is where their gun has to fit.****
  • This is NOT Chinese made ^%$# like most of the other nylon CCW Fannys on Amazon. Best of the Best Quality- YKK Zippers throughout and 1000 CORDURA NYLON fits full-size firearms.
  • UNIQUE Design: Fanny pack looks small and square so no one realizes you are carrying but a full size gun will fit inside because the barrel extends and is hidden in the belt compartment
  • The barrel of the gun goes into the belt so when you get the pack it looks like the gun will not fit in the liuttle square but it is meant to look this way. Yiou will not believe how many returns we get because no one seems to realize this and thinks a gun will not fit in the fanny pack***Fits 36-40 inch waist
  • Check your state regulations, hunting regulations, etc before placing an order for the product.

Weight: (shipping) 9.6 ounces

The DTOM (Don’t Tread On Me) Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack is designed for durability and a nice secure hold for your preferred daily carry firearm.  It’s made of 1000 Denier cordura nylon, which is both rugged and long-lasting; you want your fanny pack gun holster to be capable of withstanding all kinds of use and abuse, and with DTOM that’s exactly what you get.

This fanny pack system fits waists between 30” and 42”. It fits full-size handguns; the grip sits in the open compartment of the pack while the barrel of the gun tucks into a pocket to one side.

The front flap of the main compartment has three loops to securely hold spare mags while storage compartments at each side of the top of the gun fanny pack can hold a flashlight, cell phone, badge, or more mags.  The compartment closes with a YKK zipper. If you’re looking for the best fanny pack for your needs, take a look at this DTOM style. It offers easy access, close to the body carry, and extra storage, and it’s made of tough material, all great features for the serious firearm owner.

Cons: The compartment zipper does not have a locking mechanism, and although this can be seen as a negative, keep in mind this fanny pack holster was designed to be worn, not taken off and set aside with your gun still inside. It’s important to keep the gunny fanny pack on you when your gun is contained inside, and lack of a lock means you can open the compartment more quickly, allowing for more rapid presentation.


2. 5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch

5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch, Charcoal/Black
  • The Select Carry Pistol Pouch is the perfect concealed carry pouch for both covert ops and off duty CCW wear
  • Rugged 1050D nylon, durable and reliable
  • Dimensions: Main Compartment - 6.5” x 14” flat pistol pouch, Sized for a standard pistol.
  • Hot-Pull tabs ensure reliable deployment
  • Integrated magazine slots and fully adjustable straps

Weight: 11.2 ounces

The 5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch is meant for compact handguns. It has a streamlined design for close-to-the-body carry and easier concealment with an untucked shirt or jacket. The pouch is constructed from 1050 Denier nylon which is quite durable and should be more than capable of holding up to your concealed carry needs.

5.11 Tactical is known for their ultra-tough products, and this 5.11 fanny pack holster is yet another example of their dedication to quality. The concealment pouch is designed for smaller handguns such as the HK P2000 or Walther PPQ.

The grip on this 5.11 fanny pack is easy to access through the main compartment and the barrel of the gun tucks into a pouch off to one side for a more secure fit. There are two spare mag loops on the inside of the front compartment flap as well as extra storage compartments at each side of the top of the pouch.

The gun can be accessed using patented Hot Pull tabs for rapid deployment; with a bit of practice the motion can be easily mastered, and, in fact, if you’re going to carry using this method it’s wise to practice. If you want a fanny pack holster with a small footprint from a company known for durability, you want this model from 5.11.

Cons: The extra storage compartments are on the small side and some people hope to fit larger items in them than is possible. However, in order to keep the profile sleek and to make full concealment possible, keeping the compartments small is absolutely necessary.


3. DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack, Small

SMALL - DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Cordura NYLON -Black
  • SMALL - Slim Fit Concealed Carry Fanny Pack for small guns like RUGER LCP.....Works for Right or Left Handed shooters
  • BEST of the BEST YKK Zippers and Rugged 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon Concealed Carry Fanny Pack
  • Works well for Small sized guns like the Ruger LCP and Diamondback 9mm and 380 or guns of similar size.
  • Fits up to 42" waist. We also sell belt extenders on Amazon if you need this to fit a larger waist than 42 (search Don't Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holsters DTOM Fanny Pack Belt Extender or ASIN B07ZY9TD6X)
  • NOW also Available in Suede LEATHER Brown and Black search ASIN: B00Y3K26JQ and ASIN: B00RJ89M9G on Amazon.

Weight: 8.8 ounces

The DTOM (Don’t Treat On Me) Concealed Carry Fanny Pack is made for smaller handguns and is a simple, straightforward design. This fanny pack holster is made of tough 1000 Denier cordura nylon, so whatever you dish out, this pack can take it.

It’s exceptionally streamlined: this design is simple one open compartment with a loop meant to hold the handgun in place in the center of the pouch.

Thanks to its simple design it can easily be used by right or left-handed shooters. The compartment opens using a YKK zipper and can be unzipped almost entirely if need be. The belt fits waists up to 42” around and the pouch is sized for small handguns like the Ruger LCP or 9mm Diamondback. If you want a basic concealed carry fanny pack holster, you’ve got it in this small DTOM style.

Cons: The open pouch style means there’s no extra storage; this style is meant for only the gun. On the other hand that makes it easier to conceal, lighter weight, and simpler to use.


4. DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack, Large

Large - DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Nylon-Black
  • Slim Fit Concealed Carry Fanny Pack......Works for Right or Left Handed shooters
  • The highest quality YKK Zippers **Also now available in Rugged Suede Leather Brown just search ASIN B00Y3KTEUA on Amazon**
  • Large size for full-size weapons like a Glock 17 or Springfield XD and will even fit a full size 1911 (guaranteed the absolute most comfortable way to carry a full-size gun)
  • Fits up to 42" waist. We also sell belt extenders on Amazon if you need this to fit a larger waist than 42 (search Don't Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holsters DTOM Fanny Pack Belt Extender or ASIN B07ZY9TD6X)
  • The pack will also work really well for compact size guns like the Glock 26 or XD compact (personally what I carry in it so I have lots of room for other things).

Weight: 10.4 ounces

The DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack in Large is made for full-sized handguns and is a basic open design. The fanny pack holster itself is made with heavy duty cordura nylon so it lasts longer and stands up to extensive use; you can wear this holster just every so often or every day and it’ll perform for a long time to come.

Although some gun owners like complex designs, there’s something to be said for a simple one. This concealed carry fanny pack consists of a large main compartment with two attached loops that hold your full-size firearm in place until it’s needed. The pouch closes with a durable YKK zipper and fits full-size handguns such as the Ruger 1911 and Glock 17.

There’s also a storage pouch for your wallet and keys and second, smaller storage pouch for your smart phone. The waistband extends to fit up to a 42” waist, and thanks to its streamlined design it sits close to the body, so you can even conceal the pack itself with a loose shirt or jacket. Perhaps best of all this pack works for right or left-handed shooters. If you like to keep things simple and want a fanny pack for your daily carry firearm, look no further than this DTOM concealed carry fanny pack holster.

Cons: This is a basic system with an open pouch for your handgun and no spare mag loops. However you can always use a separate mag pouch, and the simplicity of this design makes it easier to use and easier to conceal.

5. Maxpedition Octa Versipack Tactical Fanny Pack

Maxpedition Octa Versipack, Black
  • We finish our bags with a triple coat of polyurethane for water resistance and add a final coat of DuPont Teflon Fabric Protector to repel the elements; Only the best components and designs are used
  • We use complete YKK zippers and slides exclusively unlike our competitors who put YKK slides on generic zippers
  • We add military grade nylon Webbing for straps, handles, and modular attachment points; Genuine Duraflex buckles and hardware add strength and functionality
  • Starting with large, unseamed panels of 1000 Denier Nylon, we meticulously reinforce each stress point with composite thread; No unnecessary seams or polyester parts are used
  • Main compartment dims: 9" wide on top,7" wide on bottom,5" high x 3" deep

Weight: 16 ounces

The Maxpedition Octa Versipack is a combat-ready fanny pack designed to hold those must-needs items for the tactically aware. It’s made of 1000 Denier nylon and is impressively rugged, water resistant, and able to withstand whatever you dish out.

The pack is coated in a Teflon fabric protector to better resist dirt and the stress points are double-stitched for durability. YKK zippers are used throughout and buckles are made of UTX Duraflex, which has the added benefit of closing more quietly than standard buckles.

Even the internal foam padding is of superior quality being made of #AS-100 closed-cell foam.The pack has a front pocket large enough for a compact handgun such as a Springfield XDS and there are also pockets on the exterior of the front and rear both with interior front and rear mesh and slip pockets. In addition there are loops inside the pockets and on the exterior rear of the pack to hold items such as flashlights, folding knives, pepper spray, and whatever else you might need to be truly prepared.

There’s even para-cord for retention of a flashlight on top of the gun funny pack. If you want a tactically useful fanny pack, this Maxpedition bag is just what you want, and its top-of-the-line quality ensures it’ll last for some time to come.

Cons: There’s no internal holster for a handgun, but you can fit one in the main compartment. Storing your gun in a holster is recommended in part to keep your barrel free of dust and debris. This is a high-quality tactical fanny pack; there aren’t many like it on the market.


The Bottom Line


If you’re overwhelmed by the options for fanny pack gun holsters, just stop and consider what it is you really need. If you just need a basic pack for carrying your pistol, keep it simple. If you’d like to carry spare mags and gear, choose a fanny pack holster with more features. Being prepared is vital for survival, so whatever you do, get yourself properly kitted up. Read holster reviews, ask fellow gun owners for their personal preferences, but remember, you know your needs best. Carry your daily carry firearm in one of these fanny packs and be ready for whatever may come.

For women, a concealed carry purse is also a reasonable option to conceal your weapon (as an alternative to a fanny pack) and you can find out the best brands right here.

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