The Top Glock 17 Holsters

glock17-ca-2As a first-time handgun buyer, it’s a good idea to buy a popular model of a well-known brand; after all, everyone’s probably buying and using it for a reason. You want a professional-quality handgun that works well, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and is in common enough circulation that parts, accessories, and ammunition aren’t just plentiful, but incredibly diverse.

If you really want to get started off on the right foot, you could do a lot worse than Glock’s full-size 9mm handgun, the Glock 17. Instantly recognizable even by people unfamiliar with handguns (and iconic to those who are), the Glock 17 is the most popular law-enforcement duty weapon on the market today, combining a lightweight polymer body, a 17 round capacity, and a simple “Safe Action” trigger to give you a simple, effective tool for personal protection.

*** For other Glock holster options (besides just the 17), here are some good choices for all Glock models.

The Best Holster for Glock 17

Naturally, because the Glock 17 is so widespread, you’ve got a wide variety of options for holsters as well. Because not all holsters are made equal, we’ve decided to show you some of our favorites:


1. BlackHawk Serpa SpoRusseter Belt Holster

BLACKHAWK Serpa SpoRusseter Belt Holster For Glock 17 Right Hand,Gun Metal Gray
  • Quality tested in the field, made of quality materials
  • Built to withstand the toughest terrain and environments
  • Don't sacrifice price for quality, with Blackhawk you get what you pay for
  • Fits Glock 17, 22, and 31
  • Sport type: Shooting

As we’ve mentioned before here, the Serpa system from Blackhawk! is an one of the best Glock 17 holster platforms, no matter if it’s on a belt holster, a paddle holster, or even something like a shoulder rig or a MOLLE vest mount.

Like the rest of the series, you’ve got an all synthetic body that doesn’t warp, a solidly attached paddle platform that holds with or without a belt, a simple one-button release that doesn’t hamper your draw, and a speed cut front that lets you start to put your Glock 17 on target even before you’ve completely cleared the holster.

The SpoRusster, however, is probably the most affordable of the series. Changing out the carbon-fiber body of the CQC with a solid injection-molded polymer shaves a few dollars off the price, yet doesn’t really affect the overall strength to a noticeable degree.

Simply put, most civilians who carry concealed won’t notice too much of a difference between the SpoRusseter and the carbon-fiber model.

Aside from a change in body material, the two are functionally identical (and easily moved to different carry methods, thanks to the Serpa’s mounting system), so buying the affordable model doesn’t mean you’re buying “cheap” gear. If you think of it like cars, the CQC would be the SpoRusseter with heated seats and leather interiors; nice to have, but not necessary to really get the most out of the car.


2. Fobus Standard Holster

Fobus Glock 17/19/22/23/31/32/ GL2E2
  • fobus evolution holster glock
  • lightweight 2 oz
  • one piece holster body construction
  • steel reinforcedrivet attachment system and protective sight channel
  • Our holsters are designed for a quick decisive draw that should be performed while the holster is firmly in place.

Rigid holsters really do have their benefits; your handgun doesn’t jiggle around, the draw is always the same motion and feel every time, and you can be sure that, without deviation, your Glock 17 will fit snugly inside. Such is the case with Fobus’ Evolution series of rigid paddle holsters. Made in Israel and tested around the world, this low-profile holster is stripped down to the necessities; nothing unnecessary weighing you down or digging into your skin when you move.

Everything that remains, however, is incredibly tough, made of injection-molded polymer that will keep its shape through pretty much anything, because unlike leather or more pliable materials, the Fobus polymer doesn’t sweat, doesn’t shrink, doesn’t warp, or change its shape in any way that might compromise the secure hold it has on your handgun. It is held together with steel rivets to a rubberized paddle that simply clips inside your waistband, yet holds tightly together even without a belt.

But what does this do for your draw? It makes it as consistent as possible, down to the last detail. The secure attachment to the paddle holsters means your handgun is going to stay in place. The all polymer body keeps your handgun secure. And finally, the adjustable passive retention screw means that you’re always going to get the exact same amount of resistance no matter how many times you draw, saving you from worrying about anything different when you really need to defend yourself.

The design is simple, the materials are tough, and the same holster can accommodate the Glock’s .40 S&W and .357 SIG models as well, making this the perfect holster for a Glock enthusiast. Even if you don’t end up sticking with the 9mm model, you don’t have to re-learn a new draw for a round with a bit more power with this Fobus Evolution Holster.


3. Blackhawk! Serpa CQC Concealment Holster

BLACKHAWK! SERPA CQC Concealment Holster - Matte Finish
  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release
  • Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
  • Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security
  • Includes belt loop and paddle platform

If you’re looking for added retention from your holster, as most security professionals who have to deal with suspects at arm’s length are, you want it to strike a balance. Too easy, and your firearm can be taken from you; too difficult, and you lose time bringing your firearm up to the target. With the Blackhawk! Serpa series, you don’t have to worry about either.

A level 2 retention holster, the Serpa holds your Glock 17 in tight with a polymer body and a locking mechanism, making sure your firearm doesn’t wiggle around while you’re moving. Once you need to draw, however, the locking mechanism releases, literally, at the push of a button; simply press the button on the face of your holster, and you are free to draw your handgun.

The placement of the button is intuitive as well, allowing you to simply extend your index finger along the side of your Glock and press the release, letting you draw without having to adjust your grip in any way.

To make things even faster, this holster is also “speed-cut”, meaning that the slide isn’t completely trapped inside the holster, but only half-covered; this way, you can press your Glock forward and toward your target even before the rest of the handgun has completely cleared the holster, giving you a split-second advantage. Available in either matte black or with a carbon fiber pattern on the face, the CQC Serpa holster does what it sets out to do, and looks sleek and stylish while it does it.

The best part about this holster, though? If you stay in the Serpa system, you’ll never need to learn another locking system. Thanks to the interchangeable mounting system, you can mount your holster on a belt, a paddle, a drop-leg, a shoulder rig, or even a MOLLE vest. Just buy the appropriate mounting system, unscrew your holster from its original body, and attach it to the new mount; you may need to change your draw, but your one-button unlocking setup will always be intuitive.


Glock 17 Accessories

Naturally, when a platform like the Glock gets popular, you’ve got a lot of good accessories, a lot of bad accessories, and a few accessories that just plain don’t make sense (Like the ”Tire deflator attachment” for the AR-15; just Google it). Below, we’ve got a few of the good, useful ones.


1. Glock Magazine Speed Loader

Glock Magazine Speed Loader for 9mm/.40/.357/.380 Auto/.45 GAP Mags
  • Glock Factory OEM (Bulk Packaged)
  • Made of Durable Glock Polymer
  • Compatible Glock Magazine Calibers: 9mm (9 x 19) / .40 / .357 / .380 Auto & .45 GAP
  • Works with Magazines for the following Glock pistols: G17, G19, G22, G23, G25, G26, G27, G28, G31, G32, G33, G34, G35, G37, G38 & G39
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: THis model is "NOT" for use with Glock .45 Auto, G42 Single Stack .380 Auto or 10mm Magazines

For anyone who has ever smashed their fingers trying to reload Glock magazines at the range, having something that makes it a tad easier is a real gift. Good for 9mm, .40, .357 Sig, and the .45 GAP, this simple little device slips onto any Glock magazine (even the high-capacity ones) and depresses the spring inside, allowing you to slide rounds in without resistance. Get this little loader, throw it in your range bag, and save your trigger fingers some wear and tear.

2. Fixxxer GEN 4 Grip Frame Plug

Unavailable at Amazon

Designed to fill in the small hole in the bottom of your Glock, these grip plugs keep dirt and grime out of your magazine well and ensure your rounds feed correctly, While opinions on grip plugs remain divided, with one side saying the hole is a natural drain and the other saying a plug makes sure magazines are always inserted straight, the Fixxxer models are prime pieces. Weigh the tradeoffs yourself to see if these plugs will help or hurt your shooting style.

A solid handgun deserves a solid holster and solid accessories, and we feel that all of these pieces qualify. Browse the selection a bit, figure out what you’re really looking for in a Glock 17 holster, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with whichever one you choose.