The Top Glock 26 Holsters

The Glock 26 is the Glock pistol for concealed carry, a 9mm semi-automatic, striker firglock 26ed pistol. The weapon comes with ten round magazines that are extendable to 12 rounds with floor plates. The Glock 26 can also accept 15, 17, 33, and 50 round magazines made for use in the Glock 17 and Glock 19.

Glock 26 Background

The Glock 26 is a sub compact pistol that is small and easy to conceal and its polymer frame makes it extremely lightweight. It has proven itself as an incredibly reliable pistol that is both small and easy to shoot. It’s a favorite for not only the civilian concealed carrier, but as a backup weapon for police and is the perfect compromise between ease of carry and shoot-ability. The Glock’s grip width and length allow for a sure grasp and weapon eats recoil like it’s nothing.

The Glock 26 is capable of keeping up with the larger calibers with modern defensive ammo. The 9mm has less felt recoil than 40 or 45 and that means the shooter can get more rounds on target much quicker. This firearm is also quite accurate — the barrel is 3.42 inches which gives it an advantage over a snub nose revolver. The typical snub nose revolver is a 2 inch barrel and 5 rounds, while this one is longer and offers 10 rounds, and both packages are roughly the same size.

*** For other Glock holster options (besides just the 26), here are some good choices for all Glock models.


The Best Holster for Glock 26

This version of the Glock is such a popular concealed weapon that the amount of holsters constructed for it are abundant. You’ll soon learn they come in all shapes, sizes and methods of carry, such as IWB and ankle and in materials such as Kydex or leather. Here are our top picks.


Desantis Insider Holster

Desantis Insider Holster For Glock 26/27 Right Hand Black
  • For Right Hand Use
  • Model: The Insider
  • Inside the Pant Holster
  • Fits Glock 26/27/Walther PPS/PK380
  • Black Leather

The Desantis Insider holster is a top choice for concealed carry. It’s designed for maximum concealment and allows the Glock 26 to disappear into its confines.  This holster is made from premium leather that keeps the weapon’s finish nice and dark. The leather is also much more comfortable than man-made and synthetic materials.

Leather, however, is not as resistant to moisture wear as a Kydex or nylon holster. Leather also molds to both gun and body, it can take time, but it does increase retention and comfort.

The Desantis Insider relies on the tension generated between the body and the wearer’s pants. This allows for a smooth and easy draw. The Insider is certainly a good choice for concealed carry, but some may need to take considerations. For example, someone who routinely climbs or moves in a jarring manner may feel the weapon is not secure enough for their lifestyle.

For your average person though, the Desantis Insider is an outstanding everyday carry holster for the Glock 26. Click here for other top DeSantis choices.


Pro Carry LT CCW IWB Leather Gun Holster

Pro Carry Springfield XDS LT CCW IWB Leather Gun Holster New Black
  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Quality Leather
  • Gun Blued Metal Clip
  • Easy to Conceal


Pro Carry LT CCW IWB LeatherAn excellent choice in the leather field is the Pro Carry IWB Leather holster. Pro Carry is an American company that produces their goods locally with American cowhide. This is not some mystery leather, or horsehide, but genuine leather cowhide. This holster reeks of quality craftsmanship, right down to the stitching.

The Pro Carry is also very lightweight which makes it more comfortable to wear. This holster fits the Glock the way a holster should — like a glove. It uses a single steel clip to secure the weapon to the pants and allows for a variety of different carry angles.

Pro Carry is a newcomer to the holster market, but are quickly producing some of the best Glock 26 holsters out there and definitely are a good buy for gun owners on a budget.

The Pro Carry Glock holster is an open top design that allows for quick and easy draw of the weapon. Retention is dependent on the tension between body and belt, but the Glock doesn’t slide or move around inside the holster, so you can carry with confidence. It’s another good example of leather options. Some of the best holsters for the Glock 26 are leather, but don’t sleep on Kydex or nylon as they are just as formidable as leather in their own right.


Glock 26 IWB Holsters

Inside the waistband carry is a method where the holster sits between the body and the waistband of your pants. A clip on the outside of the holster goes over your pants and your belt is really the only telltale sign of carrying a weapon.

Inside the waistband refers to four different positions of carry. The traditional strong side, appendix carry, small of back carry and cross draw. Inside the waistband is one of the more popular forms of carry simply because it does require any change of dress style or any unnecessary cover garments. Now finding the best IWB Glock 26 holster is subjective to needs and comforts of different users, but our pick for the best is below.


Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0

Alien Gear Holsters has only been around since 2013, but has been an innovator in the creation of hybrid holsters.  The Cloak Tuck 2.0 was a good holster, but the Cloak Tuck 3.0  is a fantastic one. This is one of the most popular holsters available today for good reason.  Its comfort, durability, and price is unmatched. All that remains is personal preference of style with your IWB holster.

The Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster is an adjustable IWB holster designed from leather and backed by neoprene. The neoprene will help wick away the moisture, while the holster itself will mold to the shape of your body and your gun. It can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the user and it is available for both right and left-handed users.

It features a custom-made retention and this means that the holster is versatile and you will be able to order it for your other weapons as well. The retention has been specifically designed for the Glock 26 when ordered for your gun.

It includes a 30-day trial period that can be used to see if you like the holster and even though the price is not the expensive, it is still backed by a massive lifelong warranty, which should provide you with some peace of mind. We would highly recommend it for anyone with a Glock 26.


Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster

Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33 (Black, Left-Hand)
  • Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33 (Black, Left-hand)

Doing a complete 180 from leather holsters is the Galco Triton IWB. Galco has been well known for not only its Glock holsters, but for its leather-work in the holster field in general. The Triton, however, is one of their Kydex offerings (a plastic based polymer), that has been used extensively in modern holster design and has been responsible for some of the best Glock holsters on the market.

The Triton, like the Glock 26, relies on primary polymer for its construction. The Triton is a superb Glock holster due to both its ruggedness and design. The open top holster is designed to use passive retention, but the retention is adjustable via screw near the trigger guard. The Triton is a thin profile and the stiffness of the polymer allows for a snag free draw and makes it easy to reholster.

The Triton’s use of Kydex insures nearly an unlimited life of use since the material is not affected by moisture and resists tearing and ripping, as well as generally wearing out like leather holsters do over time. Kydex is the chosen material for the military and police and has quickly become popular for concealed carry. In terms of quality, the Triton is one of the best Kydex IWB holsters on the market for the Glock 26.


Glock 26 Ankle Carry Holsters

While ankle carry is not as common as other methods of carry, it can be a very real and very comfortable way to carry a handgun. Ankle carry offers a deep cover option and is an excellent way to carry a back up gun. Ankle guns can be drawn easily and even covertly when sitting at a desk. An ankle piece is much easier to access seated or even on your back than a firearm on the waist. There are quite a few ankle holsters for the Glock 26 and most of them work very well. Let’s look at our pick for the top one.


Desantis Apache Holster

Desantis Apache Holster For Glock 26 Right Hand Black
  • For Right Hand Use
  • Model: Apache Ankle Rig
  • Ankle Holster
  • Fits Glock 26/27/29/30
  • Black Leather

The Desantis Apache holster forgoes the traditional leather design of Desantis holsters for good reason. Leather is a heavy material that does not breathe extremely well.

Leather is also not as malleable as nylon and can have hard edges that rub and chafe. The Apache is free from all this.

The Glock 26 is a small gun but no pocket pistol, yet the Apache is an excellent ankle holster for its size and weight. The Apache features a wide strap that evenly distributes the weapon’s weight. The Apache is an can’t-miss ankle carry option for the 26.


Glock 26 Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder carry is an often under appreciated method reserved for cops in 80’s TV shows. In reality, shoulder holster and shoulder carry is a great choice for a wide variety of people. Shoulder carry is a cross draw method where the weapon is hung from the shoulder and under the armpit. This does require a cover garment which can range from a suit coat, light jacket, or even an unbuttoned shirt.

Shoulder holsters are the preferred method of carry for professional drivers due to ease of draw and comfort. They are a good choice for those who work in an office on a regular basis and can cover the weapon with a suit jacket. When used correctly, they are a very comfortable method of carry.


Galco Executive Shoulder Holster

Galco EX286 Executive Shoulder Holster for Glock 26, Right, Black
  • Carries a compact handgun in a horizontal position, ready for instant action
  • Fully lined Italian calf harness includes a 1" wide elastic support strap with a tri-slide and adjustable
  • Solid brass suspender clip fastens to the belt line of the trousers and is made in Galco's in-house foundry
  • Holster includes a tension screw adjustment to enhance security

Galco does shoulder holsters right and have creatively designed some of the most comfortable, robust and dynamic shoulder versions available. The Galco EX286 Executive Shoulder holster is an excellent example of what a shoulder holster, and a Glock holster, should do for an individual who needs to use this method.

The Executive is a simple and slim line design for seamless under-the-shoulder concealment. The holster is designed with one large shoulder loop for the weapon side and an elastic strap to secure it to any belt. The Executive is an open top design with an adjustable retention screw. The design of the Executive is simple, but elegant, and very streamlined.

The wide leather straps of the holster help displace the weight of the pistol and helps the wearer dismiss the fact they are carrying a gun. The Executive’s design allows the user’s draw to be both smooth and easy. Galco’s leatherwork is rarely anything but perfect and the Executive is a great example for those new to Galco to appreciate.


Glock 26 Pocket Holsters

The pocket holster is definitely not the safest way that you should go about carrying your weapon, but it is still an effective way to give you quick access to it, and is useful for use with a purse or handbag in place of a specially designed concealed carry bag or purse. With the pocket holster, you will need some experience and training how to draw effectively could be a good way to ensure that you are never caught off-guard in dangerous situations. For more information on pocket carry, check out our guide to Choosing a Concealed Carry Holster.


Desantis N38: The Nemesis Pocket Holster

Desantis Nemesis For Glock 26 Ambidextrous Black
  • Model: Nemesis
  • Pocket Holster
  • Fits Glock 26/27/Keltec P11/Beretta 9000s/Taurus 709 Slim/S and W M and P 9/40 Compact/M and P Shield/HK P2000/Springfield EMP/Walther PPS/PK380
  • Ambidextrous
  • Black Cloth

The small and elegant Desantis N38 The Nemesis, has been constructed from black cloth to perfectly hide away your black Glock pistol.

It is designed for ambidextrous use and should be ideal for both the right and left-handed users. The retention turns out to be quite good and the weapon tends to stick to the materials to keep it in place. It might take some exercise to learn how to draw quickly with this holster.

This holster is one of the cheapest holsters on the market today and we would not really recommend it for men. The holster should be perfect for women to use and it can be placed snug inside your handbags to conceal your firearm.

Glock 26 Accessories

Accessories for the Glock 26 are plentiful. The popularity of the platform has allowed the accessory market to explode for Glock pistols. So we’ll take a short look at some of the more prominent accessories.

Crimson Trace Lasergrip for Glock-G-Series 26
  • POWERFUL RED LASER: Features a 5mW peak, 620-670nm, Class 3R visible red laser - the brighest beam allowed by law
  • INSTINCTIVE ACTIVATION: Rear activation button engages the laser immediately when the firearm is held in a normal firing grip. This is the feature that sets Crimson Trace apart from the rest
  • OVER FOUR HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE: Powered by two #2032 Batteries (included). This product is eligible for Crimson Trace’s Free Batteries For Life Program
  • FITS Glock Third Generation 26, 27, 28, 33, 39
  • EASY INSTALLATION: User installed- no gunsmithing required. Factory sighted at 50 feet, but is fully user adjustable for Windage and Elevation with provided tool

The Crimson Trace G series lasers are designed to fit on the grip of the Glock 26 and activates when tightened. The laser adds only a slight addition to the grip width. Crimson Trace has produced some of the best lasers for handguns and this one is not one to miss.

One of the stands out accessories is definitely the Trijicon Night Sight Sets and these have been specifically designed for your Glock pistols. With a glow-in-the-dark feature thanks to the photoluminescent paint aids, you are able to see your target much faster and also have your sights on the target much quicker. The tritium Phosphor lamps are designed to give you light in little to no lighting situations and this makes it ideal if you have some troubles with burglars at night.

Trijicon Glock Night Sight Set, (Orange)
  • HIGH VISIBILITY COLORED FRONT SIGHT POST: Glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent paint aids visibility and quicker target acquisition in transitional light
  • SUBDUED REAR SIGHT: Angled and serrated surface to reduce glare, and black painted rings to enhance focus on front sight
  • "U" NOTCH REAR SIGHT: Specifically designed rear notch enhances front sight acquisition
  • TRITIUM-PHOSPHOR LAMP: Tritium-filled glass lamp provides superior illumination in no light or low light settings
  • Fits Glock Models: 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38 and 39

The ten round magazines are a sufficient capacity for most situations, but more is better, right? Pearce makes a series of grip extensions for the Glock 26 that not only extends the grip but adds 2 rounds to the magazine’s capacity. The Pearce Grip Extensions for model 26 are just as reliable as any standard Glock magazine floor plate.


Closing Thoughts


The Glock 26 is a robust and dynamic pistol with a multitude of different options for concealed carry as well as a number of different accessories. Its popularity has allowed it to form it’s own niche market and the potential exists to allow any Glock 26 to become one of a kind. This is one of those pistols so beloved that an entire market exists just for it. Some of the best concealed carry holsters are designed for the Glock as well as some brilliant accessories.

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  2. Good article. At 240lbs with a 45 inch waist (I can’t believe I just admitted to that] the five o’clock position is for me. I appreciate you guys looking at this. The biggest issue though isn’t positioning. It’s having the bloody thing drag your pants down. So it’s either lose weight (I’m trying) or get suspenders. Sigh.

    • Here’s what I did

      I alternate between shoulder holster and inside waistband holster that helped my situation similar to yours a lot.

  3. Who makes a ambidextrous hip holster with mag pouch for glock 26.

  4. I just bought a Glock 26 gen 4 in flat dark earth!! It is really cool. First thing I did was buy 3 Pearce pinky extensions. I also have a Glock 19 which I will carry a 15 round for backup. Ordered a De Santis speed scabbard today which will give the 26 good concealment and a nice cant. Putting a Zev race connector in too.

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