The Top Glock 27 Holsters

Making a good purpose pistol for concealed carry can be difficult. A weapon that is too small is easy to conceal, but often under powered, inaccurate, and difficult to shoot. On the opposite eGlock 27nd, a pistol too large is hard to conceal, can be uncomfortable to carry for long periods of time, but shoots well, is accurate, and chambered in a full powered round.

A truly great concealed carry pistol has to be a compromise of size, comfort (both firing and carrying), and an appropriate amount of firepower in a substantial cartridge. Small pocket pistols may have their place and there are those who choose to carry them, but they do so at a compromise of everything besides comfort of carry and concealment.


Analysis of the Glock 27

Glock’s subcompact models include a wide variety of different chambering from the popular 9mm and 40 S&W to multiple offerings in 45 ACP, end even one in the 10 mm auto to please their cult. Not surprisingly one of the most popular Glock subcompacts is the Glock 27, a 40 S&W offering.

A large part of the reason the Glock 27 is more common and more popular than other Glock Sub compacts is it’s older brother the Glock 22. The Glock 22 is one of the most popular full sized Glocks with law enforcement, and the 27 is the logical back up weapon for police armed with a 40 S&W Glock.

The Glock 27 (and all Glock Sub compacts) is an excellent compromise of size, comfort, ease of shooting and carrying, and firepower.

The majority of Glock sub compacts have a bigger brother, with the exception of the Glock 36 and Glock 42. This bigger brother and it’s high capacity magazine can be used in the little Glock to expand their firepower. For example, the Glock 27 can accept the magazines from the Glock 22 with no issues. This creates another option for the shooter that many sub compacts lack.

In terms of holstering and carrying a Glock 27, it’s popularity has amounted in the majority of major holster companies taking notice and producing holsters in a wide variety of patterns, thus giving the consumers multiple Glock 27 choices. Different kinds of carry methods are popular with different kinds of people. For example, for those who carry a Glock 27 as their primary concealed carry weapon, outside the waistband has always been popular.

Outside the waistband or OWB is often the most comfortable method of carrying a Glock as a concealed weapon.

Carrying OWB keeps the firearm away from the body and fully supported by the holster. This method also makes drawing the firearm easier and faster than alternative methods. The only compromise when carrying OWB is lack of concealment. When using OWB, a cover garment of some kind must be used to conceal the Glock 27.

*** For other Glock holster options (besides 27), here are some good choices for all Glock models.


The Best Holster for Glock 27

With the popularity of the Glock 27 comes a variety of holsters that are available to wear on your ankle, shoulder, IWB and more. Let’s take a look at just the best of the Glock 27 holsters so you can be on your way carrying in style and in comfort.


1. BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC Carbon Fiber Black Holster

BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC Carbon Fiber Appliqué Finish Concealment Holster
  • Blackhawk! Serpa CQC, Belt & Paddle Holster, Plain Matte Black Finish 410003BK-R
  • Brand New & High Quality Material!

The Blackhawk SERPA series of holsters are an extremely popular option as a Glock 27 holster. The SERPA for the Glock 27 features a speed cut design to control weight and trim the fat, as well as facilitate a smooth and quick draw. The holster is made from kydex, which is a polymer and performs superior in strength and element resistance when compared to leather.

This holster slides into the SERPA with a satisfying click letting you know the weapon is being retained by the SERPA’s active retention system. To draw the firearm, the user must engage a push button device that falls in line with the natural placement of the trigger finger when the finger is straight and off the trigger.

This feature makes drawing the firearm very natural. The SERPA’s carbon fiber finish gives the holster just that little edge of style everyone needs to have on occasion.

This holster is about as close to a perfect rating as it can get, getting multiple 5 star reviews from buyers at


2. Fobus Standard Holster Paddle Glock 27

Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle GL26 Glock 26/ 27/ 33
  • Maintenance Free - No need to oil, doesn't breath or sweat. Stands up to the most severe elements and can be washed out with soap and water.
  • Lifetime Warranty - All Fobus products carry a 100% Customer Satisfaction "no questions asked" policy.
  • For a Right Handed Shooter
  • Steel reinforced rivet attachment
  • Paddle Version- Attaches using a rubberized Paddle

The maintenance-free Fobus Paddle Holster GL26 is made primarily for the Glock 27 (as well as the 26 and 33) and won’t sweat or breath due to the high-density places used in the creation of the product. It also helps keep the weight down at a mere 2 ounces. The paddle is rubberized for added stability and included is a reinforced rivet attachment.

Owners of this Fobus holster have commented that is comes pretty tight but just a few days of keeping the gun inside the holster at room temperature will alleviate the tightness. The comfort is second to none and with the price under $30 this is definitely a holster for your 27 to consider.


Glock 27 Ankle Carry Holsters

Ankle carry is a nice carry system for the Glock 27 that may not work with everyone. Glock concealment holsters for the Glock 27 are a plenty, and some of the best ankle rigs are available for this holster in particular. Ankle-carrying this kind of firearm is an excellent method for police, both uniformed and plainclothes, when utilizing the 27 as a backup. This gives a second option if the officer is unable to draw their main weapon form their waist, and must rely on their ankle rod.

Ankle-carrying this gun is also convenient for the average Joe or Jane who’s attire make’s any other method difficult, for example someone wearing a shirt and tie and spends the day seated may benefit from ankle carry. For one, the weapon will be concealed, and two the weapon is easy to draw from a seated position.


Galco Ankle Glove/Holster for Glock 27

Galco Ankle Glove/Ankle Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33 (Black, Right-Hand)
  • The ankle holster is made of premium steerhide and is compatible with Glock 26
  • Retention strap with reinforced thumb break on most models
  • Neoprene ankle band with Velcro fastener
  • Comfortable genuine sheepskin padding
  • Fits ankle up to 13" in circumference

The Galco Ankle Glove is a premium ankle holster for the Glock 27. This holster is designed with comfort in mind. It’s made with genuine sheepskin padding and the ankle band itself is lightweight neoprene.

The Galco Ankle Glove for the 27 utilizes an upper band to keep the holster in place throughout the day. This upper band also prevents the weapon from sliding or twisting if it’s accidently bumped.

The holster is itself is purpose molded from steer hide for the holsters’ unique shape. This form of molding serves two purposes; first it just looks good, and secondly, retention. A molded holster will retain a weapon much better than an unmolded holster.

The Ankle Glove uses a thumb-break retention strap to keep the weapon secure. The Galco Ankle Glove is an excellent Glock 27 concealment holster for a price that is on the high end but can be counted on for years of service.


Glock 27 IWB Holsters

Inside the waistband, also known as IWB, is the ultimate method of conceal carrying a Glock 27. IWB maximizes concealment of a weapon and allows the user to carry on the strong side, or appendix style carry. IWB utilizes the wearer’s pants for concealment and retention. IWB is often the most popular method of conceal carry, and is an excellent method for concealing a 27.


1. Desantis Pro Stealth for Glock 27

Desantis Pro Stealth Holster For Glock 26/27 Black
  • Model: Pro Stealth
  • Inside the Pant Holster
  • Fits Glock 26/27/29/30/33/36/ S&W/M&P Compact/Sig P239/P250SC/P224/Walther PPS/PK380
  • Ambidextrous
  • Black Nylon

The Desantis Pro Stealth IWB holster is made from a tough, but comfortable, ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon is a superb material for holsters due to it’s strength and resistance to the elements.

The Desantis Pro Stealth allows the Glock 27 to not only store the weapon, but an additional magazine is available in the front portion of the holster.

The Desantis Pro Stealth allows the user to switch the metal clip from left or right side and is truly ambidextrous. This heavy steel spring steel clip supports the Glock 27 very well, and accommodates a belt of 1.75 inches. The Pro Stealth also features a lower cut for easier access.

This low cut is in place to insure only the grip is grabbed when drawing the weapon. The holster relies on the tension created between your pants and your body for retention. There is no active retention device to defeat, which speeds up your draw and makes things simpler. Drawing a weapon should certainly employ the KISS (keep it stupid simple) principle.


2. FoxX In The Waist Band Glock 27 Hybrid Holster

FoxX Holsters Glock 26, 27, & 33 in The Waist Band Hybrid Holster (Black)
  • 9 oz. Premium Leather & .06" Kydex (Black)
  • Precision Molded Kydex to fit Specific Firearm
  • Adjustable for Ride Height & Forward Cant
  • Easy to Conceal, Comfortable & Tuckable
  • Proudly Made in the USA!!

Specifically designed for these Glock models, this underrated hybrid IWB holster by FoxX is a superior product with ride height adjustability and super draw tension. It’s made from a combination of premium leather (9 ozs.) and Kydex, giving you the best of both material worlds.

Using the black spring steel belt clips, you can place this holster right in the waistband and barely registers against your hip.

You can expect little to no pressure points or tight grips in places you’re accustomed to with substandard holsters. Tightening the shorts or pants doesn’t alter the placement of the holster and does the all important job of NOT printing with a shirt covering it.

This FoxX IWB holster is often referred to as the most comfortable IWB on the market and has tons of holster reviews to back it up.


Glock 27 Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are a nice and easy option for carrying a Glock 27 concealed. In terms of Glock 27 concealment holsters, shoulder carry places comfort and concealment at the top of the list. A shoulder holster carries a weapon nice and tight, and close to the body. Shoulder holsters are a superior option for professional drivers, like truckers and chauffeurs.

Shoulder holsters make drawing from a seated position extremely easy, and wearing a shoulder holster is very comfortable when in a vehicle for hours on end. A shoulder holster does require a cover garment like a light jacket or button down shirt.


SafariLand 1015 ALS Shoulder Holster System

The Safari Land ALS is a well thought out shoulder holster for the Glock 27. The SafariLand ALS provides a unique retention device not seen in other shoulder holsters. This device is an action retention system that is disabled with the shooter’s thumb.

This does not require any fancy movement, as the thumb comes into contact with the release naturally. When a holster has an active retention system it is best to have it defeated by the natural motions of drawing a firearm.

The ALS also allows the shooter to wear the holster either vertically or horizontally. With a smaller weapon like the Glock 27, horizontal is still capable of concealing, but larger weapons may require vertical holsters for proper concealment.

This is often up to shooter’s preference, but having the option will allow the user to tweak the holster to their needs at that time.  Shoulder holsters are all about fit and comfort, and the ALS allows for generous adjustments to be made for a multitude of different body types.

For other Safariland holsters, check out our dedicated page.


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