Best Shield Holster of 2020

Even though it’s almost a decade old, Smith and Wesson’s Shield is still among the most popular firearms to this day. Due to its neat petite size, there are people who figured they’d carry it in their pockets alone. Of course, this is the worst way to carry a handgun, especially if the market offers … Read more

Best Glock 20 Holster

The Glock 20 was specifically designed as a handgun for hunting although some people use it for other purposes. As the Glock 20 was designed for hunting, however, many of its holsters are not designed for a particularly quick draw but do usually still have an element of concealment, even if it is just colored … Read more

Best Glock 48 Holster

With the continued increase in crime and terrorism comes an increase in the number of people that want to carry a gun, usually concealed. This increase has led to the relatively new Glock 48 being introduced which is lighter and more concealable than most of its predecessors. Obviously, in order to remain concealed and yet … Read more

Best Gun Holsters for Hunting

You might be on an outdoor adventure or are gearing up for your hunting expedition. Either way, you have a long stretch of miles to cover, while running up the rugged terrains. So, what exactly would be the perfect, most durable holster for you? It’s definitely a matter of what suits you the best by … Read more

Best Glock 23 Holster

A bad holster can be uncomfortable, dangerous and awkward to use. It’s important that you get the best Glock 23 holster to avoid these issues. With many different types of holsters out there, it can be hard to know which one is the best. With different types, retention, and draw, you need the best information. … Read more

Best Glock 41 Holster

“Long, bulky, and plenty of stopping power” would be the sentence that best describes the marvelous Glock 41. Even though this gun is one of the most popular firearms on the market, its unwieldiness makes it a rather poor companion when push comes to shove if you are not equipped with an adequate holster. That’s … Read more

How to Properly Engage Law Enforcement When Carrying Concealed

Law enforcement officers generally take concern with an individual who has a gun on their person. That’s not to say that all cops are “hot-headed”, nor is it accurate to claim they’ll treat you any differently – you just have to know how to engage with them in a calm, professional and clearly understood way. … Read more

Tips and Tricks to Run Safely and Comfortably with Your Gun

No, we’re not referring to “running and gunning” – we’re talking about the practice of carrying concealed at all times, even when you’re trying to beat that 2-mile record or going for a simple sidewalk jog. First, let’s address a controversy: Some say running with your firearm can be dangerous or, at least, a hindrance. … Read more

Taking Care of your Carry Gun

Clean your gun

It’s always important to keep your guns in good condition, and particularly so for guns used in self-defense outside the home. In a dangerous situation, the gun you have at hand may be the only one that matters. But taking care of your carry gun means more than keeping it cleaned and in good working … Read more

Home Defense: Guard Dog or Gun?

Home protection and security are more important than ever before – in some areas, burglary and home invasion statistics have risen as much as 18%. Approximately 28% of the time, someone is home during a home invasion, and an unsettling 7% of victims reported being the target of a violent crime as a result. If … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Consider Off-Body Carry

I’ve been a longtime advocate of off-body concealed carrying myself. “But your gun isn’t on your person, it’ll take longer to draw! What if it’s not near you when you need it most?!” You might exclaim. Do a Google search of “off-body carry” and you’ll find articles from supposed experts that say why it’s a … Read more

Best Choices for 1911 Holsters

The 1911’s history is a rich and storied one originating a decade prior to the handgun’s creation by John Browning. During the American-Philippine War, the frenzied charges of the Moro tribesmen were all but unstoppable with the .38 caliber handguns used by the U.S. Cavalry, a problem that both damaged morale and resulted in deaths. … Read more

Guide to Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Holster for You

This guide to choosing a concealed carry holster contains multiple parts.  Five questions you need to ask yourself, popular holsters and carrying methods, and a section about the benefits and drawbacks of various holster materials. So you’ve decided to take the plunge and exercise your 2nd Amendment Right the way it was always meant to … Read more

Paddle Holsters Overview & Top Choices

If you’re going to be carrying a small semi-automatic handgun or double-action revolver, you have a lot of options for a holster. These can range from your standard on-the-belt open carry leather models to the more esoteric IWB appendix carry or MOLLE vest style attachment. However, splitting the difference between utility and practicality would definitely … Read more

The Top Glock 17 Holsters

As a first-time handgun buyer, it’s a good idea to buy a popular model of a well-known brand; after all, everyone’s probably buying and using it for a reason. You want a professional-quality handgun that works well, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and is in common enough circulation that parts, accessories, and ammunition … Read more

The Top Glock 42 Holsters

When choosing a semi-automatic handgun for self-defense, you want a gun that’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and chambered in a powerful enough round to keep you safe; fortunately, Glock has you covered with the Glock 42. Chambered in the tiny but powerful .380 ACP (essentially a short 9 millimeter round), this single-stack handgun is built … Read more

Choosing a Fanny Pack Holster

When it comes to concealed carry, there are more than a few options for methods and holsters. And even when you decide which method to use on a daily basis everyone ends up needing multiple methods in order to carry in a variety of situations. For example, many runners who are also gun owners struggle … Read more

Choosing Gun Holsters for Women

An important part of the concealed-carry zeitgeist is to protect women; however, a majority of both open and concealed-carry holsters are designed with a man in mind. Heavier belts for support on belt holsters, styles that depend on baggy, untucked clothing to conceal, and carry options that don’t take into account the different shape of … Read more

Reviewing the Best Blackhawk Holsters

If you’ve taken the step of buying a handgun, either for personal protection, competitive shooting, or professional law enforcement, you’ve made an important investment. Once you’ve learned to safely use your handgun, you need to focus on a solid, dependable holster next; not only is carrying around your firearm without a holster uncomfortable, it can … Read more

Galco King Tuk Review

Galco was founded in 1969 by Richard Gallagher; at the time it was known as The Famous Jackass Leather Company, which was a reference to the fact that their holsters were made of horsehide. The company gained fame Hollywood-style in the 1980’s when its Jackass shoulder holster became a recurring accessory for a character on … Read more

Reviewing the Best Safariland Holsters

The first-ever Safariland holster was made in 1964 by founder Neale Perkins, who created that initial piece at his father’s request. In a matter of months the company grew from that one holster to hundreds to five thousand, and it was clear Safariland holsters were here to stay. After all, in the gun industry, quality … Read more