Reviewing the Best Blackhawk Holsters

If you’ve taken the step of buying a handgun, either for personal protection, competitive shooting, or professional law enforcement, you’ve made an important investment. Once you’ve learned to safely use your handgun, you need to focus on a solid, dependable holster next; not only is carrying around your firearm without a holster uncomfortable, it can also be incredibly unsafe. Of course, having a good holster can make a world of difference when you need to draw quickly, holds your firearm securely in place, and remain comfortable for as long as it’s on your body.

Fortunately for you, BlackHawk!, one of the biggest names in supplying gear for military and police use, also carries a huge selection of holsters for the civilian market as well. Designed for any kind of carry and all built solid, these holsters are a smart investment, all made to help you get the quickest, most natural draw possible.  Below, we’ve assembled a solid collection of BlackHawk! holsters, designed to give you a good idea about all the options you have in a rugged, dependable holster.


Top Holsters by Blackhawk

Below is a list of the most sought after holsters made by Blackhawk, zeroing on where the holster is worn, starting with the IWB hold:


1. BlackHawk! Inside-the-Pants

BLACKHAWK Inside-the-Pants Holster, Size 06, Right Hand, (3 3/4" - 4 1/2" Large Autos)
  • Sport type: Hunting
  • Fits 3.75" - 4.5" Barrel large autos
  • Ultra-thin, three-layer nylon laminate provides comfortable next-to-skin wear
  • Smooth nylon for easy draw
  • Belt clip slips over pant top or belt to retain holster

For everyday concealed carry, you might just want something simple and sturdy. Fortunately, the BlackHawk! Inside-the-pants holster fits the bill, giving you a nylon body both that fits most any size handgun.

Even then, this model isn’t molded, so whatever kind of handgun, double-action or single-stack semiautomatic, will easily fit inside, cover the trigger and barrel completely, and feel great against your skin, thanks to the outer shell of soft-laminate suede and the outer belt clip. Even though this model doesn’t have any kind of a retaining system, the reviews of this product consistently say that retention in most situations isn’t a problem.

As the most traditional style of holster, as well as one that isn’t imprinted for any one style of handgun specifically, this Blackhawk! IWB holster is a perfect first model for concealed carry. While the lack of retaining gear might make it unsuitable for an open-carry handgun, the nylon body makes drawing your concealed carry handgun as quick and effortless as possible.

It’s also one of our favorite IWB holsters overall.


2. Blackhawk! Leather Inside-The-Pants

BLACKHAWK Leather Inside-the-Pants Black Holster, Size 22, Right Hand, (Beretta Storm PX-4)
  • Manufactured by ATK
  • Fits Beretta Storm PX-4
  • Angle-adjustable belt loop is mounted to reinforced upper body for stability
  • Adjustable tension-screw gives you the choice on level of retention
  • Shirt shield protects clothing, keeps holster opening unobstructed, and increases comfort

Fits: Beretta 92/96, Storm PX-4
Colt Gov’t 5″, Comm. 4″
Glock 17,19,22,23,26,27,31,32,33,36
H&K P2000/USP Compact
S&W J Frames/Taurus 85/Ruger SP
Sig 228/229/225/220/226
Springfield XD 4″, XD Sub Compact, XDM
S&W MP 9/40 4-inch, Compact, .45 and Pro 9/40
Kahr CW9/C40/P9/P40

If you want to use something with a little more retention, you can always consider the black leather Inside the Pants model. Unlike its nylon counterpart, this model has an all-leather exterior, is molded to the shape of your handgun, comes with a retention system that can be tightened or loosened with a tension screw, and, thanks to the angle adjustable belt clip, can be configured to any draw style at any angle.

This holster really finds its niche among new shooters as well, but for a different reason than the nylon model; with all the adjustability and options for carry, you’re free to experiment with the carry and draw style that works for you without having to buy all new holsters for the privilege. You get enough features to work for you, but you don’t get so many that it messes up your draw in a critical moment.

For those of you who like shooting one type of firearm, a BlackHawk! holster like this is perfect for Inside the Waistband (IWB) carry.

It’s got all the features you’d get on an open-carry holster, just slimmed down and designed to avoid profiling your handgun. Due to the wide range of firearms this holster can be designed for, it’s sure to make a great concealed carry holster for civilians, or a secondary weapon holster for police who don’t prefer ankle holsters.


The Best Blackhawk Paddle Holster

Browse our pick for the top paddle holster by Blackhawk.


BlackHawk Serpa Sportster Paddle

BLACKHAWK Serpa SpoRusseter Belt Holster For Glock 26 Right Hand Grey
  • gunmetal gray holster body with black serpa auto lock release
  • passive retention detent adjustment screw
  • reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
  • fits glock 26, 27, and 33
  • immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security

Fits: S&W M&P 9/40 & Sigma
1911 Gov’t
Glock 17,20,21,26,27,33,37
Springfield XD Compact
Sig 220/225/226/228/229/250DC
HK P-2000 Gn Mtl Gry
Beretta 92/96

Whether you prefer to carry openly, or having a visual handgun is a part of your job, you need a solid open-carry paddle holster like the BlackHawk Serpa Sportster Paddle model. Made out of molded polymer, this holster, like all paddle holsters, is designed to press together and hold to whatever pants you are wearing, yet be easy to remove; this is a huge help for anyone who wants (or needs) a quick on/off holster setup.

Using a distinct locking system, this Serpa style paddle holster gives you a solid degree of active retention; couple that with the fully adjustable passive retention setup, and you’re guaranteed to have complete control of your firearm at all times.

Aside from the excellent retention you get with this holster, the fact that it’s a part of BlackHawk’s Serpa setup means that it can easily be customized. Just by taking off the three screws in the back of your holster, you can detach the paddle platform and choose instead to attach your firearm to a shoulder rig, a drop-leg holster, or even a MOLLE mount, making it an excellent choice for a professional who demands a custom setup. Once you get used to the Serpa-specific active retention system, you can easily use it in any setup you need.


The Best Blackhawk Pocket Holster

Browse our pick for the top pocket holster by Blackhawk.


BlackHawk! Inside-the-Pocket

BLACKHAWK Inside-the-Pocket Holster, Size 04, (9mm/.40 cal. sub-compact )
  • Manufactured by ATK
  • Fits most sub-compact 9mm/.40 autos
  • Low-profile laminate construction protects wearer’s skin from weapon’s sharp edges and provides moisture barrier
  • Open-top holster provides grip-up positioning and protects weapon in pocket
  • Non-slip band keeps holster in pocket when firearm is drawn

Even if you’re carrying a smaller .380 handgun for personal protection, you still should have an inside-the-pocket holster, and the Blackhawk! model is the perfect slim profiled pocket holster. Thin enough to fit inside your pocket easily, yet thick enough to prevent profiling your handgun, this open-top holster, combined with the non-slip band around the exterior, keeps your firearm safe in your pocket without impeding your draw.

Better yet, the suede-like outer material keeps your firearm comfortable, covering all the sharp edges and allowing you to keep your handgun in a draw-ready position.

Aside from just keeping your firearm safe and easily accessible, having a pocket holster like this Blackhawk! model gives you complete freedom to dress however you want. With no printing on your pants, no exposed grip above your shirt, and a setup that can be set up or removed almost instantly, you can plan your wardrobe around your occasion and not your firearm, allowing you to be both professional and protected.


The Best Blackhawk Ankle Holster

Browse our pick for the top ankle holster by Blackhawk.


BlackHawk! Ankle

BLACKHAWK Ankle Holster, Black/Size 10, Right Hand
  • BLACKHAWK! Product
  • Versatile Holster
  • Manufactured by ATK
  • Fits small autos (.22-.25 cal) and small frame .32 and .380
  • Comfortable, soft knit fabric

In the same vein, an ankle holster from BlackHawk! can give you a lot of freedom to wear what you want while keeping your firearm both safe and ready. Designed to fit a wide variety of handguns, BlackHawk’s ankle holster uses a thumb break, a non-stretch retention strap, and two anchor points to keep your firearm secure, both to your holster and to your body.

Of course, with this holster, you’re going to find wearing it is pleasant as well; the soft-knit fabric straps and the closed-cell foam on the holster itself each provide padding and comfort and preventing the chafing and rubbing you can get on other models.

Particularly for smaller users or professionals who require a small backup firearm, an ankle holster can be one of the most concealable and comfortable ways to keep yourself safe. For both professionals and civilians, your handgun won’t profile nearly as badly as it would on IWB holsters, nor will you have to open carry with more traditional models.

While the ankle holster may have a slower draw time and require a bit more practice than belt-mounted holsters, the concealability, as well as the potential as a carry system for a second firearm make it a valuable option for the concealed-carry citizen.


The Best Blackhawk Serpa Holster


1. BlackHawk! Serpa Concealment

BLACKHAWK SERPA Concealment Holster - Matte Finish, Size 25, Left Hand, (Smith & Wesson M & P)
  • Mission: To always put the needs of our men and women in uniform at the forefront of everything we do in an effort to better serve those who serve and protect us all.
  • Commitment to quality and reliability applies to everything we do
  • Fits Smith and Wesson MP 9/40 and Sigma (Sigma R only)
  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release
  • Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique

Yet another in the BlackHawk! Serpa holster system, the Concealment Holster setup is designed to feel like a regular OWB (outside the waistband) holster that you can cover up with a jacket or long shirt.

Much like the rest of the Blackhawk! Serpa holsters, the model is made of polymer and uses the same three-screw mounting system, giving you a lot of freedom in choosing your draw angle, as well as the push button active retention and adjustable passive retention.

What sets this configuration apart, however, is the belt-loop system; simply screw the belt loop mounting to your interchangeable holster (or use the separately sold Serpa quick disconnect system), and you’re good to go.

Just like the other Serpa holsters, this holster platform gives you a lot of freedom, so you can use the same holster in different configurations pretty much year-round. To conceal this holster, you can easily put a large jacket over it in cooler months, then pop it out of the OWB setup and switch it out to a paddle holster in the back of your waistband for warmer times of the year.

With this Black Hawk Serpa holster setup, you’ve got options, so it really shines for new handgun owners and professionals alike.


2. BlackHawk! Tactical Holster Platform

BLACKHAWK 432000PBK Tactical Holster Platform, Black
  • Made in America
  • Commercial Brand: BLACKHAWK
  • Gloves
  • Available in Black, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, and Olive Drab

Designed with the professional in mind, this BlackHawk! drop-leg holster fixes a problem that is common to anyone wearing a load-bearing vest or backpack. While a backpack with a hip belt effectively distributes weight across your body, it does make it much harder to use any holsters on your hips.

This BlackHawk! drop-leg holster fixes the problem by dropping your handgun down your leg a few inches, allowing you to carry in a familiar position while still using your hips for carrying loads.

This BlackHawk! tactical holster platform, part of the Serpa system, is designed to strap to your thigh at three separate points with a Y harness up on your belt and two rubberized leg straps for your thigh, effectively balancing your holster and keeping your handgun vertical while you run, walk, or kneel. In addition, the extra mounting points on either side of your BlackHawk! thigh holster will hold additional gear, such as magazine holders or other pouches, giving them the same kind of secure hold as you would have with your handgun.

While the BlackHawk! tactical platform is designed to expand on the Serpa line and thus doesn’t include a holster of its own, it accepts Serpa concealment and duty holsters, keeping them in place with the traditional three screw mounting system, and make a perfect setup for the professional carrying a load-bearing vest, the competitive IDPA or three-gun shooter, or anybody who wants to get a more natural draw on their firearm.


3. BLACKHAWK! SERPA Level 3 Auto Lock

BLACKHAWK SERPA Level 3 Auto Lock Duty Matte Finish Holster, Size 09, Right Hand (H&K USP Compact / P2000 EURO)
  • Quality tested in the field, made of quality materials
  • Built to withstand the toughest Terrain and environments
  • Don't sacrifice price for quality, with Blackhawk you get what you pay for
  • Fits HandK USP Compact/P-2000 (Euro)
  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release

If you’re going to carry openly, you want to be incredibly sure that your firearm can’t fall out of, or worse, be taken out of, your holster without your knowledge. Thankfully, a BlackHawk duty holster is one of the most secure ways you can carry your firearm in public.

Designed with the usual passive retention screw and active retention button, this holster adds a third layer of protection; a thumb break on the top that keeps your handgun secure without impeding your draw. To draw, all you need to do is reach down for your handgun naturally, flip the thumb break open with your thumb, press the active retention button with your index finger, and draw as you normally would.

In addition to all the great features this holster offers as an OWB hip holster, the fact that it’s a part of the Serpa line means that it can be mounted in any configuration you need. Combining robust security with high-quality materials and an impressive degree of customization, it’s no wonder why the BlackHawk! Level 3 holster is setting the standard for law enforcement.


Wrapping Up

All of these holsters are designed to help you get the most out of your firearm, whether you carry them concealed or openly. Each of these fine BlackHawk! products are designed for professionals and private citizens alike, giving you the edge you need when you have to protect yourself and your loved ones. Feel free to take a look at any or all of these great products and find out exactly what that edge looks like to you.