Reviewing the Best Fobus Holsters

Fobus Holsters was founded in 1978 with the purpose of creating durable holsters offering gun owners passive retention and rapid deployment.

Although the company got its start producing leather holsters they ended up becoming the first company ever to make custom-molded injected polymer holsters, and the rest is, as they say, firearms history.

The company has its headquarters in Israel and its products aren’t simply tested in a controlled environment, they’re combat-tested and performance driven.

Today Fobus is the largest holster manufacturer in Israel and their products are used by firearms and tactics professionals in a wide range of fields from law enforcement to military to anti-terrorism teams – and, of course, civilians such as yourself.

Dedicated marksmen and serious self-defense gun owners understand the importance of a high quality and holster, and that’s why they turn to Fobus time and again.

If you’re looking for a holster that allows you to transition between wearing it and removing it quickly and simply, the paddle holster may be for you. Paddle holsters don’t require you to run your belt through the back and are fairly easy to slip on and off your hip. Some dislike the lack of serious retention with this style but there are quite a few pros as well.

This style is best suited for open carry due to the way it positions the gun up and slightly away from the user’s body although it can be concealed with a sufficiently baggy shirt or jacket.

Concealing can be difficult because printing is a bigger issue with paddle holsters, but it can be done. Fobus paddle holster options vary with the holster piece itself being made of different materials and offering various types of retention. Take the time to go through our complete Fobus holster review, and read on for our Fobus paddle holster review choices.

The Best Fobus Holsters

Below we’ve selected a handful of the top rated Fobus holsters and provide them to you, complete with different types of carrying styles.


1. Fobus Standard Holster Paddle GL2E2

Fobus Glock 17/19/22/23/31/32/ GL2E2
  • fobus evolution holster glock
  • lightweight 2 oz
  • one piece holster body construction
  • steel reinforcedrivet attachment system and protective sight channel
  • Our holsters are designed for a quick decisive draw that should be performed while the holster is firmly in place.

Dimensions: 10” x 6” x 3”, Weight: 3 ounces

The Fobus Standard Holster is a paddle holster that comes custom-molded to a number of models of guns. With a paddle holster back designed to fit smoothly over the waistband of your pants and rest against your skin this option is a good passive retention choice. The body of the holster itself is constructed in one solid piece made of what the company describes as “space age” high-density plastic.

The material doesn’t need oil and it’s easy to keep clean, plus it’s quite durable. The holster itself attaches to the paddle backing with steel reinforced rivets, so you know it’s a solid connection. This style covers the trigger guard and leaves the muzzle open, and is a great choice for open carry.

Cons: Paddle holsters are difficult to truly conceal, so if concealed carry (CC) is your goal, consider a closer-to-the-body option.


2. Fobus Roto Evolution Series Paddle Holster GL2E2RP

Fobus Roto Evolution Series RH Paddle GL2E2RP Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35, Walther PK380 , Black
  • Fits: Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35, Walther PK380
  • Lifetime Warranty - All Fobus products carry a 100% Customer Satisfaction "no questions asked" policy.
  • For a Right Handed Shooter
  • Patented Locking Adjustment System
  • Paddle Version- Attaches using a rubberized Paddle

The Fobus Evolution Holster is an enhanced version of the original Fobus Standard Holster described above. It has a paddle back which is easy to wear over the waistband of your pants with or without a belt, although the weight of some guns makes wearing a belt a good idea. The added thickness from a belt can also increase how securely the holster fits you.

The Evolution holster is made in one piece and is quite lightweight, offering passive retention. It has openings in the body of the holster, which makes it even lighter while also making rapid presentation simpler. For retention purposes this design has a retention adjustment screw so users can select the level of retention they need for their particular gun and draw.

In addition it has a protective sight channel. This style covers the trigger guard while leaving the muzzle and front part of the barrel exposed; less material means less bulk and a faster draw. This holster is a good option for those looking for the next level of the Fobus Standard paddle holster.

Cons: Some gun owners want more coverage of their guns when carrying. Personal preference and practice are both factors, and Fobus has a model for you whatever you decide.


The Best Fobus Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters are a common choice for backup gun (BUG) carry. Selecting the right one is important because the wrong ankle holster can rub your skin raw or make drawing your gun awkward. Just as with all holsters, take the time to practice with your chosen carry method. Having a BUG concealed in an ankle holster won’t do you any good if you cannot get to it in time should a life-and-death situation occur. Fobus ankle holsters are good quality and have stood up to extensive testing. Take a look at the following Fobus holster review.


Fobus Ankle Holster

Fobus Ankle Holsters S & W J Frame All 38, 357, Rossi 88
  • Fits S&W J-Frame (all 38, 357) Rossi 88
  • 3/4" thick suede lined Cordura pad. Secures with adjustable Velcro strap
  • Attaches to left ankle for right handed draw (right hand models)
  • Lifetime Warranty - All Fobus USA products carry a 100% Customer Satisfaction "no questions asked" policy.
  • Fobus USA warranty not valid on products shipped from outside the US

Dimensions: 8.2” x 2.8” x 11”, Weight: 4 ounces

The Fobus Ankle Holster was designed to fit the needs of Israeli military and security forces, so you can be sure it will suit your average daily carry needs with no problems. For comfort and wear-ability these Fobus holsters are made with ¾” thick suede-lined Cordura pads and adjustable Velcro closures. Worn properly they stay in position on your ankle and do not shift and rub.

Ankle holsters must be worn according to right or left-handed use just like any other holster and this particular style comes in both options. The holster itself is riveted securely together and custom-molded to fit your gun like a glove. The trigger guard is covered with the muzzle left open and the gun is held at a slightly angled position. Drawing is as easy as a quick upward motion. If you want to carry a backup gun this is a good option.

Cons: Ankle holsters do require the user to bend or squat down to access their firearm which is why they’re best for BUG use rather than use for your main carry weapon. As with all holsters, practice makes perfect.

This one is particular to the S & W J Frame All 38, 357, Rossi 88, but there are also ankle holsters from Fobus for the Ruger LCP/Kel-Tec 2nd Generation P2AT .380 & .32 and S&W M&P 9mm, .40, .45 (compact), SD 9 & 40


Other Fobus Options – Roto Holster and Compact Holster

Another carry option is a holster designed to swap back and forth between paddle style and belt-loop style. Having the luxury of both options in one holster is nice because it cuts down on space and is simpler than having multiple holsters. Paddle holsters are discussed above, so we’re going to talk about belt-loop style here.

Wearing a holster on your belt offers a slightly higher level of security because your belt secures the holster to your body rather than simply slipping it on paddle-holster style. It also tends to hold your gun a bit closer to your body which makes it easier to conceal with a loose-fitting shirt or jacket. And, of course, Fobus holsters has a design just for the aforementioned preferences.


1. Fobus Roto Holster Paddle HK1RP

Fobus Roto Holster RH Paddle (HK1RP) Compatible with H&K Compact & USP 9mm/40, S&W Sigma Series, Ruger SR9 (Pro models refer to SP11B)
  • Faster draw than leather
  • 2 ounce lightweight design
  • High riding and low profile with unbelievable retention
  • Flexible two piece design makes it interchangable
  • Unique Roto-Holster system rotates 360 degrees

Dimensions: 7” x 3.5”  x10.5”, Weight: 4.8 ounces

For models: H&K Compact & USP 9mm/40 & 45, Full Size 9mm/40 / S&W Sigma Series 9/40 VE/E/G / FN49 / Ruger SR9 / Taurus Millenium .40

The Fobus Roto Holster allows you to alternate between a paddle-style back and a belt-loop back. It comes by its Roto name thanks to its ability to rotate 360 degrees. The holster itself is made of high-density plastic and is custom-molded to your gun’s unique shape, so it’s tough, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean. It keeps the trigger guard covered and the muzzle open while the grip is left fully exposed for rapid presentation.

Style of wear can be adjusted using the patented Fobus locking system to switch between cross-body draw, small-of-the-back, strong-side, and driving or bodyguard-type carry.

That same locking system allows the angle to be changed between a forward or rearward cant depending on the user’s needs and preferences. This Fobus holster rides high and close to the body, it’s durable, and a great choice for gun owners looking for a holster with more than one backing option.

Cons: Although it’s possible to conceal the Fobus Roto Holster the design is still better suited for open carry. If you plan to CC using this design make sure your clothing is loose enough to truly conceal it.


2. Fobus Compact Holster Paddle SP11B

Fobus SP11B Compact Holster for Springfield Armory XD / HS 2000 9/357/40 5" 4" / Sig 2022, P250 / H&K P2000 P2000SK /Taurus Millenium .45, Millenium Pro (ALL Pro models), Right Hand Paddle
  • Retention adjustment screw (except Glock model)
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Low profile design for concealability
  • Passive retention allowing rapid presentation
  • Rubberized paddle backing for extra stability and comfort

Dimensions: 5.3” x 4.8” x 2.1”, Weight: 2 ounces

For: Springfield Armory XD / HS 2000 9/357/40 5″ 4″ / Sig 2022, P250 / H&K P2000 P2000SK /Taurus Millenium .45, Millenium Pro

The Fobus Compact Holster is meant for those times you want to take the minimalist approach to carrying your gun. It has a paddle holster back so it can easily be placed over the waistband without need for messing with a belt and the material is less than the full-size model so it takes up less space and is a bit lighter-weight.

The holster itself is made with Fobus’ quality high-density plastic, so there’s no need for oil and it’s quite durable; cleaning is as easy as simply wiping or rinsing it off. It’s custom-molded according to your particular model for passive retention; drawing is as easy as a firm, upward movement.

The holster is secured with steel, reinforced rivets and covers the trigger guard while leaving the muzzle and forward part of the barrel exposed. This Fobus holster is high-riding and low-profile, and while it’s a common open carry choice it’s possible to conceal with a baggy shirt or jacket.

Cons: Some gun owners prefer greater coverage but the smaller amount of material used for this Fobus holster makes it lighter and easier to draw, plus less material means less bulk.


Wrapping Up

Fobus holsters are well-made and combat-proven which is why they’re favored by so many seasoned shooters. They also come with 100% Lifetime Warranties, and Fobus promises there will be no questions asked. There are a wide variety of options through Fobus whether you own a Glock, Ruger, or Springfield, you’re covered. Do your research and, as always, practice. Most fights are over in nine seconds or less, making those seconds shaved off during the repetition of practice invaluable – and lifesaving. Choose wisely.

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  1. Is there any kind of retention I can put on my GL2E2RP holster? We ride horses and I’m truly afraid of the pistol dislodging from the holster.

  2. I love my Fobus paddle holsters. I own three for my main three CCW firearms. Great review but I’d like to add that for an OWB holster, the Fobus paddle holds the firearm much closer & tighter to the body than any other OWB rigs I own. Any closer and you’d have an IWB. One size larger T shirt and 4:00 carry seems to work very well for me. Even a Govt. 1911 conceals nicely and the weight distribution is perfect. My favorite is my .38 J frame. The fit on all Fobus holsters cannot be any better. Much less bulk than leather and quieter than Kydex. Under $30? Yes. Lifetime warranty.

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