Reviewing the Best Uncle Mikes Holsters

Uncle Mike’s has been a leader in shooting accessories for over 67 years and the pioneer in the use of nylon to manufacture holsters. Being the industry standard in nylon holsters for over 20 years, Uncle Mike’s has built not only their reputation but also their market share with a holster for every shooter. With success comes expansion and that is exactly what Uncle Mike’s has done, building on their rich history to become the most prolific shooting accessory manufacturer today.

Uncle Mike’s has set the bar high for the nylon holster industry segment and it continues to maintain that quality and functionality. Nylon being durable, lightweight, comfortable, and more cost-efficient than leather has changed the way many carriers today feel about holsters. Whether you are in the military or law enforcement, a competition shooter, concealed carry everyday wearer, or if you simply want something to keep your safe-queen looking her best, Uncle Mike’s has a holster for you.

Uncle Mike’s Top Holsters

These next 3 holsters are easily our favorite of the Uncle Mike’s collection for craftsmanship, ease of drawing, and comfort level.


1. Uncle Mike’s Nylon Open Top Style Inside-The-Pants Holster

Uncle Mike's Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra Nylon Cross Harness Horizontal Shoulder Holster (Size 36, Black)
  • Suede-like exterior helps anchor holster inside pants or skirt
  • Internal moisture barrier won't transmit perspiration to gun
  • With Ret Strap Nylon

The ever-increasing popularity of the inside-the-pants carry style has created a quality nylon holster option in this Uncle Mike’s open top design. This holster is ultra thin, yet with four layers of laminate and a smooth lining for the ease and efficient of draw ability.

This Uncle Mike’s Nylon Open Top Holster comes with an internal moisture barrier that will help block the transfer of perspiration moisture to your firearm.

The belt clip slips over the top of the waistband and belt to securely anchor your weapon of choice. The ease of conceal-ability for both the civilian and sworn personnel markets is an Uncle Mike’s standard without compromise.

This highly economical Uncle Mike’s version comes in a choice of right-hand draw or left-hand draw and is available in various sizes for nearly every model of firearm on the market today. The nylon open top style inside-the-pant holster is one of our favorite IWB holsters and can easily be yours as well.

Refer to the sizing chart to find the proper one for your handgun.

**Check out this one with a fold over hook and loop retention strap.


2. Uncle Mike’s Tactical Kydex Open Top Hip Holster

Uncle Mike's Kydex Off-Duty and Concealment OT Hip Holster with PBA (Black, Size 21, Right Hand)
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Drawing is easier because the body's lead edge is cut down
  • An excellent choice for both men and women
  • Concealed carry design
  • Sturdy Polymer construction

If you prefer to carry your firearm on your strong hand hip then look no further than the Uncle Mike’s Tactical Kydex Open Top Hip Holster. This concealed carry holster features an ultra-adjustable design that allows the wearer to make adjustments for the individual’s height and body weight for added comfort and accessibility when the going gets rough.

This Uncle Mike’s design enables the firearm to ride closer to the body for conventional behind-the-hip carry at a mid-level height.

This gun holster is soft and pliable with air vents that provide comfort and ease of care for the carrier. The included accessories allow the wearer to choose this holster as a paddle holster or as a belt-loop holster.

The design of this Uncle Mike’s ccw holster is suitable for both men and women and comes in a variety of sizes for various firearms and will belt sizes up to 1¾-inch. This Uncle Mike’s design falls into the ‘very affordable’ category and should be on your Kydex wish list.

Refer to the sizing chart to find the proper one for your handgun.


3. Uncle Mike’s Tactical Reflex Open Top Holster

Uncle Mike's Tactical Reflex Open Top Holster, Size 27, Right Hand, Black
  • Integrated Retention Technology
  • Pancake style belt loop
  • Injection molded impact-modified
  • Polymer construction
  • Paddle Attachment Included

Uncle Mike’s has brought a wonderful entry to the tactical holster market in the Uncle Mike’s Tactical Reflex Open Top Holster. The retention system is integrated into the design and requires no buttons or levers to release your firearm.

The simple grab, grip, and squeeze steps are what a shooter naturally does when drawing their weapon thus making it a reflex action and the perfect name for this Uncle Mike’s model.

Designed with the help of members in the law enforcement community, you will not find a faster, easier retention system firearm holster. The injection molded and impact modified polymer construction makes this concealed pistol holster durable, lightweight, and comfortable whether at work or at play.

It comes in various sizes to fit your favorite firearm and will fit belt size up to 1 ¾-inch or you can use the included paddle accessory if that is your preference.

The precision engineered Uncle Mike’s Tactical Reflex Open Top Holster is one of the safest retention holsters for both the civilian and sworn personnel on the market today, and is one we have highly recommended as the best Kydex option you can find.

Refer to the sizing chart to find the proper one for your handgun.


The Best Uncle Mike’s Shoulder Holster

One of the oldest alternative carry methods is the shoulder holster design. The design enables the wearer to carry their firearm essentially under the arm or nearly in the armpit, usually on the shooter’s weak-hand side. The carrier’s shoulders and neck in the specially fitted holster support the weight of the firearm, thus the moniker ‘shoulder holster’.

In the modern shoulder holster market there are two essential versions of the shoulder holster design. The horizontal carry and the vertical carry designs. In the horizontal carry, the firearm is perpendicular to the wearer’s side with the firearm’s grip facing the front and the barrel pointing behind the wearer. With the vertical shoulder holster the firearm is parallel to the wearer’s side with the grip up under the armpit and the barrel pointed down toward the wearer’s leg.


Uncle Mike’s Black Kodra Nylon Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster

Uncle Mike's Black Kodra Nylon Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster (Size 3, Right-Hand)
  • Fits 5-6.5 inches barrel medium and large double action revolvers and 4.5-5.5 inches barrel
  • Super comfortable, secure way to carry a handgun in the field, inside or outside your jacket
  • Fully adjustable shoulder harness with self-centering backpiece fits everyone
  • Onside self-adjusting belt loops keep holster close to your side, yet permit freedom of movement
  • 1.5 inches wide nylon web shoulder straps distribute weight

The Uncle Mike’s Black Kodra Nylon Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster is one of the most dependable and reliable vertical shoulder holsters available. It is especially useful to those wearers who prefer to carry longer barreled pistols or revolvers.

This Uncle Mike’s shoulder holster has a self-adjusting on-side belt loop that keeps the holster close to your side and the fully adjustable harness has 2½-inch wide nylon web straps with a self-centering back piece. The offside tie downs for this Uncle Mike’s holster anchor the harness to your belt.

A retention strap with a combination adjustable buckle and snap will hold your firearm in place. With these great features, this shoulder holster provides comfort for all day or all night wear-ability.

Available in a variety of sizes, you can wear this Uncle Mike’s shoulder holster either inside or outside your jacket and it will fit chest sizes up to 48-inch chest.

** Refer to the sizing chart to find the proper one for your handgun.


Choosing the Best Uncle Mike’s Pocket Holster

If you carry a pocket pistol without a holster, you are subjecting your firearm to various elements that may affect the intended appropriate function. For instance, any particles of lint or even more substantial items or residue remaining in your pocket may dirty the firearm to the point of malfunction.

If you carry other items in the same pocket as your pistol they may jam into a crevice or crease in the firearm and cause a malfunction. (Think a dime and a revolver and your revolver not cycling.) In a purse, ladies, a lipstick tube inside the trigger-guard could result in an unintended discharge with sad results. A loose string could restrict the draw of the firearm. Holsters, even pocket pistol holsters, are essential to safe carry and even safer usage of firearms.


1. Uncle Mike’s Nylon Open-Top Inside-The-Pocket Holster

Uncle Mike's Off-Duty and Concealment Nylon OT Inside-The-Pocket Holster (Size 3, Black)
  • Fits 2 inches 5-shot revolvers, Sigma .380
  • Laminate lessens print-through recognition, cushions your leg and blocks perspiration
  • open-top holster provides grip-up postioning and prevents the movement of levers, buttons or catches that are common to loose pocket carry
  • Non-slip band retains holster in pocket when gun is drawn
  • Gun rides upright for a clean draw and is protected from lint and debris inside pocket

The Uncle Mike’s Nylon Open-Top Inside-The-Pocket Holster exhibits the quality of Uncle Mike’s in an everyday, all day usable product for men and women alike. The concealed carry holster provides better protection for both the firearm and the wearer’s clothing.

The laminate design lessens the imprint of the firearm through clothing and thus reducing the ability of a bystander’s recognition of the presence of a concealed firearm. This Uncle Mike’s design also cushions the wearer’s leg and helps block perspiration further protecting the integrity of the firearm.

This open-top ccw holster creates grip-up positioning and helps to prevent movement of the firearm’s levers, buttons, or catches that are more common in loose pocket carry. The Uncle Mike’s non-slip band ensures that holster stays in your pocket if you are forced to draw your weapon.

Whether in your pocket or purse, you can feel safe and secure with this handgun pocket holster available in four sizes from Uncle Mike’s.

** You can select one of these four sizes by referring to this sizing chart.


2. Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Kodra Nylon Web Ultra Duty Belt

Uncle Mike's Kodra Hook and Loop Lining Ultra Duty Belt with Nylon Web (Medium, Black)
  • Tough, double-layer 2 inch
  • Interior Polymer stiffener to add support while reducing bulk
  • Sturdy Nylon webbing
  • Rigid enough to carry gear, flexible enough for daylong comfort
  • Heavy duty precision stitching

The Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Kodra Nylon Web Ultra Duty Belt is specifically designed for those on-duty, whether military, law enforcement, or on private details. This Kodra Nylon Uncle Mike’s design comes with an interior polymer stiffener to add support for the wearer while reducing bulk when compared to leather and other duty belts.

The sturdy nylon webbing with the hook and loop lining is easily compatible with ultra and loop-back inner duty belts. The tough, two inch, double-layer nylon is padded along the edge for extra comfort and durability that will not snag on clothing or dig into the wearer.

This duty belt is rigid enough to carry all your gear yet flexible enough for all day or all night comfort.  The Uncle Mike’s duty belt comes standard with the patented Pro-3 Triple Retention Buckle providing safety and security for the wearer while allowing for easy on and easy off when necessary.

If you are a rookie or the seasoned professional you cannot go wrong with this Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Kodra Nylon Web Ultra Duty Belt.


The Bottom Line

For 66 years, Uncle Mike’s sole focus is how you carry your guns and gear when you’re out in public or in the line of duty. They want to be the revolver and handgun holster you wear when the stakes are at their highest. That’s why they place the utmost importance on bringing you the best holsters — ones you can rely on for years. Selecting from any of the holsters we recommended above will leave you happy and satisfied for the long haul.

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