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Ruger was founded in 1949 by William Ruger, whose firm dedication to exceptional quality and reliabledownload (1) performance remains true today. After more than 60 years in the industry Ruger’s firearms are not only a trusted staple for many members of law enforcement but also relied-upon weapons for hunters and sport shooters alike. Ruger’s tagline is “rugged, reliable firearms” and perhaps the epitome of those words is the Ruger LCP.

The Ruger LCP was first unveiled at SHOT Show 2008, and practically from those first moments its popularity was set in stone. The LCP – Lightweight Compact Pistol – is chambered in .380 ACP, which has become a wildly popular caliber for self-defense pistols, and is lightweight at just 9.4 ounces unloaded.

It’s 5.16” long, 3.6” tall, and 0.82” wide, with a 2.75” barrel. The gun is Double Action Only (DAO) and is has two magazine options, one which holds six rounds and one holding seven.

Perhaps the most famous moment in the gun’s history thus far took place in April of 2010 when Texas Governor Rick Perry used his concealed carry LCP to shoot a coyote that threatened him and his daughter’s dog during a morning jog. Ruger took advantage of the publicity the event gave their pistol and released a Coyote Edition of the LCP.

The Ruger LCP is an easily concealed pistol capable of fine accuracy and delivering a manageable felt recoil, and if you’re one of the many people who has purchased one in the last seven years, you’re in need of a holster.

Choosing the Best Ruger LCP Holster

Due to the size of the LCP there are quite a few carry options, and that means multiple holster options as well. Whether you want to carry in your pocket, at your hip, or on your ankle, there’s a holster for you. In fact, it’s a good idea to have more than one concealed holster style so you can carry your gun in a variety of situations. And that’s what we’re here for, to walk you through the various styles and explain their uses, so you can make an educated choice and keep your LCP in close reach just in case the worst-case scenario does occur.

Fobus Standard Paddle Holster for Ruger

Dimensions: 10” x 6” x 3”

Weight: 2.0 ounces

The Fobus Standard Paddle Holster was originally designed in Israel for their elite military force and security operators. Fobus is a combat-proven brand, one known to be durable and long-lasting as well as delivering the promised performance.

This is a right-handed paddle holster. If you want to carry your LCP at your hip, whether open carrying or concealing it by wearing a loose-fitting shirt or jacket, this Ruger LCP holster will get the job done. This handgun holster is designed to firmly grip your pistol while covering the trigger and leaving the muzzle exposed.

Drawing with this LCP holster is as simple as pulling up on your gun in a smooth motion for rapid deployment. This Fobus product for Ruger LCP pistols is well-made and gives you the ability to carry your concealed carry weapon at your hip with confidence.

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Drawbacks: This holster does leave the muzzle of your gun exposed and some gun owners prefer their muzzles be covered to prevent debris from entering the barrel. However, so long as you keep your gun clean and maintain the awareness you should always exercise while carrying, this holster remains a great option.

Ankle holsters are a good option for your backup gun (BUG) although they can also be used for your main carry if you so choose. An ankle holster for your Ruger LCP gives you the ability to fully conceal your firearm in comfort and simplicity, and if you choose this option, make sure you practice drawing until it becomes a smooth, natural, and quick motion.

Outbags Nylon Neoprene Ankle Holster for Ruger

Dimensions: 4”x 15” brace

Weight: 9.6 ounces

The Outbags OB-32ANK Ankle Holster is a great choice if you’re looking for a CCW holster for your backup gun (BUG). This makes it a favorite of many in law enforcement and private security, but if you’re a private citizen and think carrying a BUG isn’t necessary, it might be time to rethink that stance.

Depending on the situation, carrying a BUG is actually a wise choice and could very well be the item that saves your life. Of course, ankle holsters can also be used for your main carry. This particular firearm holster is made of tough 600 Denier Nylon and neoprene and includes a wrap-around brace that stretches up to 18”.

The LCP ankle holster itself does not stretch, meaning it remains secure despite extensive use. This Outbags holster is designed for a Ruger LCP with a Crimson Trace laser.

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Drawbacks: If your pistol does not have Crimson Trace laser sights this holster won’t grip your pistol quite as firmly, although users report using it without the mounted sights without problems.

Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP

Weight: 4.8 ounces

The Galco Ankle Lite is yet another quality holster from the decades-old company. The ankle band is made of neoprene and has a Velcro closure for speed and security, and the holster itself is designed not to stretch so it is able to keep your gun secure long term.

The band is listed as stretching up to 13” and if you’d like you can purchase a calf strap separately. This is a lightweight, well-made ankle holster for Ruger LCP pistols and is a good option if you’re looking for a basic, reliable option.

—> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP

Drawbacks: If you have laser sights mounted on your pistol the fit will most likely be too tight.

Choosing a LCP IWB Holster

IWB (Inner Waist Band) concealed carry holsters allow for greater concealment than most methods. With a good IWB holster you have greater clothing options and less risk of printing along with the added benefit of better retention thanks to the positioning inside your pants’ waistband and a decreased chance of anyone getting your pistol off your body.

DeSantis LCP Insider IWB Holster

The DeSantis Insider Holster is a Ruger LCP IWB holster made as the perfect combination of simplicity and quality.

It’s made of premium, soft leather and is not molded, making it more comfortable for IWB wear. Stitching is heavy-duty for longevity and reliability and is doubled at stress points.

This pistol holster is attached to your waistband with a durable steel clip that’s positioned high enough on the outside of the holster so it can be well concealed inside your pants. Although the leather is soft for comfort’s sake it’s still stiff enough for re-holstering to be fairly straightforward.

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Drawbacks: This is a basic holster not designed for tight retention, but that’s actually common for the IWB style and because you wear it inside your clothing and typically clipped over a belt the fit of your clothing lends to retention.

DeSantis Summer Heat IWB Holster

The DeSantis Summer Heat is a high quality LCP IWB holster designed with to the typical high standards of the company in a more stylish fashion. It’s made of premium quality tan saddle leather and is stiff, making it more capable of retaining its shape.

Stiff leather makes re-holstering easier and faster and also speeds of draw time. Heavy-duty stitching is used throughout and doubled at stress points for greater durability. This pistol holster attaches to your waistband with a powder-coated steel clip featuring the DeSantis logo.

If you want an IWB holster with a slim profile that is highly concealable, this one’s for you.

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Drawbacks: Due to the close, stiff fit this holster cannot be used if your LCP has a mounted laser sight. However, DeSantis does make models for pistols with laser sights mounted on them.

Choosing a LCP Pocket Holster

If you want to keep your handgun close at hand – literally – a pocket holster may be what you need. Not only does the right one allow for full concealment but it places your gun right by your hand in a location your muscle memory is already conditioned to reach for, making it ideal for many concealed carry gun owners.

DTOM Combination Pocket/IWB Holster

The DTOM (Don’t Tread On Me) Combination Pocket/IWB pocket holster for Ruger LCP concealed carry introduces a new take on an old, trusted method of carry. What makes it unique is DTOM’s design which allows it to be converted from pocket to IWB carry simply and quickly.

It’s made Armadillo Nylon, so it’s durable, and it’s lined with smooth material for snag-free presentation. The steel clip is removable so you can take it off and lose the added bulk for pocket carry.

And to make it more effective for concealment, it’s padded, which helps break up its profile in your pocket.

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Drawbacks: When worn IWB approximately half the grip is covered by your waistband which some gun owners dislike. However, especially considering the small size of the LCP, this can actually be a positive feature because it improves retention.

DeSantis Nemesis for Ruger LCP

Dimensions: 5.4”x 8.7” x 1”

Weight: 0.8 ounces

The DeSantis Nemesis is a Ruger LCP pocket holster that revolutionized the industry when it first hit the market. That’s thanks to its outer material, which has a sticky texture that grips your pants’ pocket firmly for a better draw overall and more rapid presentation.

Inside the material is a pack cloth that’s slick and smooth for low friction and a snag-free draw. This LCP pocket holster is a simple yet ingenious design and is fully ambidextrous.

It covers the forward portion of your trigger guard and leaves the grip fully exposed so you can easily grab it and has a foam core to break up the outline of your gun.

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Drawbacks: The bottom of this holster isn’t stitched, it’s open, which can allow lint or other debris into the muzzle of the gun. However, the method of carry and security of your pocket will typically press it closed despite the lack of stitching and its sticky texture more than makes up for its being open at the bottom.

Talon Wallet Holster for Ruger LCP

The Talon LCP Wallet Holster allows you to conceal your pistol in semi-plain sight using the outline of a wallet. It’s made with genuine steer leather and comes in black or brown, left and right-handed models, and even comes made for guns with or without mounted laser sights.

The stiff material is precisely molded to your LCP’s outline and covers the trigger. It will hold your gun quite securely and requires a firm grip to draw, so make sure you practice with it as you should with all methods of carry.

This Ruger LCP wallet holster is a good option if you want a method where printing isn’t a problem since the outline is that of a wallet.

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Drawbacks: This method of carry requires a bit of extra practice because you need to master drawing your gun from a stiff, molded holster in your back pocket. Time is of the essence in a self-defense situation, so make sure you take the time needed to speed up draw time.

Final Thoughts

Choosing from the various concealed pistol holsters on the market can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing resources such as ours will help you make an educated decision and allow you to carry with confidence. Keep in mind it’s important to practice drawing with your holster of choice and a must to be familiar with the performance and capabilities of your gun.

.380 ACP works best in closer quarters – typically under 7 feet – and you should familiarize yourself with the drift and drop of your defense rounds so you can adjust accordingly should you be forced to defend yourself or your loved ones. Confidence and muscle memory are vital to successful concealed carry and self-defense, so do your research, choose your handgun holster, and concealed carry on.

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