Self-Defense Liability Insurance

Self-defense insurance is something all gun owners should consider. Even when you’re obviously in the right, you can end up with legal expenses, and they can be so large as to potentially bankrupt you. Some of the inaccurate assumptions people make include the belief that their homeowner’s insurance will cover them or that an umbrella policy will cover them.

self defense insuranceThe fine print of a policy must be closely examined, and the reality is in most cases you need specific self-defense insurance. In some states you are protected from a civil lawsuit under that state’s Castle Doctrine, but keep in mind that will only help you in applicable cases.

When you look for self-defense insurance, study the contract carefully and make sure to obtain insurance only from an established, reliable source. As gun ownership continues to increase and CC is on the rise, a growing number of fly-by-night insurance agencies are cropping up, putting the onus on you to be sure you’re purchasing a policy from a reputable source.

Although we cannot specifically recommend a policy, there are some sources in particular with established backgrounds that are worth considering. One of the obvious sources with a long-term, verified background is, of course, the USCCA.

Regardless of the insurance you choose, do your homework and make sure the coverage you choose actually does cover what you need it to. A good self-defense insurance policy can make all the difference; more than one individual involved in a case of rightful self-defense has found themselves financially destitute despite the fact that their being right was clear from the beginning. Never assume your being obviously justified will save you from expenses; it won’t.