Taking Care of your Carry Gun

It’s always important to keep your guns in good condition, and particularly so for guns used in self-defense outside the home. In a dangerous situation, the gun you have at hand may be the only one that matters.

But taking care of your carry gun means more than keeping it cleaned and in good working order in 2018. Citizens who choose open or concealed carry have a responsibility to be good examples of law-abiding gun owners at a time when gun laws are threatened. People who carry guns have a responsibility to maintain a positive image that other people can look up to. To be a good ambassador for everyone who carries, you have to have a specific mindset as well as taking proper care of your gun.

As a refresher this year, here are a few tips to keep in mind that will make a difference.

Why Proper Gun Care is Important

Guns require routine cleaning for optimal safety and effectiveness. Cleaning your gun thoroughly can also give you an opportunity to better understand how it works from the inside out. Other reasons to clean your gun include:

Take care of your gun

  • Longevity – Simple cleaning and oiling can keep your gun working for a long time. Properly storing a firearm can ensure it stays in great shape for generations.
  • Learn to lubricate – When it comes to lubricating your pistol’s moving parts, you don’t want to use too much or problems such as excess buildup can occur. Learning proper lubrication is important to prevent discharge failures.
  • Reliability – Properly cleaning your gun after every time you shoot allows it be free of buildup and rust that could cause an issue when you need your gun the most.

Properly Field Strip Your Gun Before Cleaning

Before you start cleaning your firearm, it’s important to correctly field strip – or disassemble – your gun. Start by ejecting the magazine and emptying the chamber. Once you are certain your gun is unloaded, you can begin taking it apart. The exact process is dependent on your model, but for many modern guns, this is an easy process. Every semi-automatic handgun has four major pieces:

  • Frame
  • Slide
  • Barrel
  • Guide rod and recoil spring

Being able to identify the parts you are cleaning is a big part of proper gun ownership. It will also help you determine the best tools to clean each part, as well as ensuring you can safely reassemble your firearm once it has been cleaned.

Steps Involved in Cleaning Your Gun

No matter what model you own the following steps can help ensure your weapon is thoroughly cleaned:Clean your gun

  • Wipe down all components – A soft rag is the most important tool you can have when it comes to cleaning your gun. Pairing the rag with a solvent cleaner is great to thoroughly remove caked-on carbon buildup and unburnt powder on any component.
  • Scrub the gun – Using a toothbrush is a good idea as you clean your weapon. The bristles can get into the nooks and crannies of your gun. It is also useful to work with solvents and loosen any buildups.
  • Use a bore brush for touch ups – This brush can touch up any areas that other brushes can’t reach, and more specifically inside your gun’s barrel.
  • Properly lubricate everything – Applying oil and lubrication on your gun’s moving parts are important to prevent wear from occurring. Lubrication also is essential in preventing your gun’s metal parts from corroding, which could cause your weapon to lock up.

Involve Holsters in Any Care Routines

When you carry, the holster you use is also important to keep in good working condition.Pistol in a holster Even though modern holsters are designed to be more durable, they still will wear out without proper care. Whether your holster is made from molded leather, nylon, or Kydex, properly caring for it will benefit the condition of the gun it holds. From you carry concealed with an IWB holster, to open carry with something like a nylon drop leg holster, make your holster a part of your care routine.

The Way You Carry Matters

It’s important to be more than a role model gun owner in today’s society. It can help your case for why you carry if you understand all the benefits there are from being armed. Education and access to the best information are a big part of caring for your gun in 2018.

Explain the Positive Contributions Guns Make to Society

  • Not every area has access to law enforcement, and law enforcement personnel can only do so much. Many departments are understaffed and in some places, it can take hours for emergency personnel to respond. Access to a gun can mean life or death in these situations.
  • Animal threats are an issue in rural areas. Firearms are a way to protect your family and pets against aggressive animals that may wander onto your property.
  • Predators come in all varieties – Dangerous predators aren’t limited to wildlife. Robbery, home invasion, and other violent crimes are all situations you may be faced with. Having a trained, knowledgeable firearm owner is the best deterrent for these types of crimes.

Being able to clearly explain and share what your responsibilities are as a gun owner is a great first step into being a role model for gun carry rights.

Make Sure You Have the Right Permit

Obtaining a carry permit often involves a lot of research. After all, being able to carry a firearm is a substantial responsibility. In your research, make sure to not just focus on one area of gun ownership. Checking your local laws is an important place to start. Being able to document why you need to carry is also useful for applications in many jurisdictions. As you look through resources about gun ownership, make sure to look at proper care and maintenance or firearms too. This includes looking at accessories such as owb magazine pouches. If you demonstrate how serious you take the matter it will increase your chances of receiving a permit.