The Best Concealed Carry Holsters for Law Enforcement

Since concealed carry holsters are a tad bit more distinct from the average holsters that law enforcement officers are used to carrying, it’s important to pick a holster that is not only convenient, but also comfortable. Although concealed carry holsters might have a different feel than the holsters that you’ve been using, there are some great holsters out there that will enable you to conceal your firearms in these positions, thereby keeping your comfort intact.

You will most likely want to explore multiple concealed carry holsters and their methods to carry. Experimenting with these holsters will enable you to pick what suits you the best. A little training and getting used to the holster and you’re ready to go. Here are the main types of holsters that provides a great concealed carry for police:

Inside-The-Waistband or IWB Holsters

It’s quite safe to assume that IWB holsters are one of the most beloved concealed gun holsters for cops. This is because they are the most concealable and convenient once you tactically get around their know-hows. Attached to the belt with hooks or loops, the IWB holster is worn inside the pants. Unlike your usual pants that have a standard waist size, IWB holster will require you to get the pants that can spare an extra inch or two in your regular waist measurement. Wearing larger pants or skirts is the most important aspect of carrying this holster.

When it comes to IWB holsters, tuckable holsters are the real deal because these holsters are made in a smart way. You can holster your gun inside the waistband, tucking your shirt in over the gun grip. You can literally put on a fairly large gun, tuck it in and nobody will even notice it. You can find some super cool and efficient tuckable IWB holsters below.

Even for an IWB holster, using a proper gun belt is indispensable. The gun belt will not only support the gun, and your pants, but it will also distribute the weight properly, making the whole experience comfortable and secure for you.

Shoulder Holsters

If you’re looking for holsters for law enforcement that will enable you to carry heavy handguns with a comparatively better ease, a shoulder holster would be the way to go. Because shoulder holsters evenly distribute the weight of the gun across a larger surface area of your body, carrying it becomes easy and almost effortless. You can carry them for long hours without feeling any discomfort.

For larger guns, you can go for a vertical-carry shoulder holster and for normal guns, you can go for the horizontal-carry shoulder holster. These holsters work specially well when you spend a good amount of threat time in a car because they enable quick and easy to your gun. Check out the below shoulder holster that comes with adjustable straps and comfortable all-day carry.

Unlike movies, shoulder holsters might not be as popular in reality. For a cover garment, they require open-front jackets which narrows down your clothing choice. They also require lots of patience and getting used to.

Paddle Holsters

Paddle holsters are a popular way of concealed carry for police owing to their convenience. You can easily clip the paddle anywhere on your waistband that you find the most convenient. Paddle holsters are quite simple to handle but make sure you are dressed in either loose fitting shirts, jackets or coats to ensure a thorough concealment. Since paddle holsters rely heavily on friction, it’s important to secure them firmly without allowing any slipper slopes, literally and metaphorically. Check out the below paddle holsters that provide a retention system when it comes to  holsters for law enforcement.

Fanny Packs

Although fanny pack holsters can’t possibly offer the best draw speed or concealment options, they work where other concealed holsters cannot. They can be worn in the front and are useful in hot weather when you wear thin clothes. A right fanny pack holster cannot be usually distinguished from other normal fanny packs and thereby won’t attract any attention. You can also find fanny packs that are compact enough to be concealed under loose and thin T-shirts. Some fanny packs are large enough to accommodate full-sized guns, while other can only fit compact or subcompact pistols.

Ankle Holsters and Pocket Holsters

Ankle holsters work as great gun holsters for cops especially if you want to carry a backup firearm. Although they are hard to draw when in motion, they are one of the best holsters that work efficiently when you are seated. They are highly ideal for carrying small and compact firearms. Drawing from an ankle holster would require a bit of a practice just like with other holsters for law enforcement. The comfortable, firm-gripped ankle holster below would be a great pick.

Small, easy to carry and conceal, pocket holsters are super convenient to carry a smaller, more compact gun. The best part about them is that you don’t need any concealment garment. A good pocket holster should be able to catch on your clothing and let you draw the gun by staying fixed inside the pocket with the help of a good hook design. You can try the below for a super convenient gun withdrawal.

S.O.B. or Small-of-the-Back Holsters

S.O.B. holsters provide a great concealment from the front if you’re wearing a suit jacket that’s long enough to keep the holster hidden even when you bend down. Particularly popular among law enforcement officials, small of the back holsters typically work best for a backup gun. However, not many would find it convenient as it requires a comparatively longer arm motion and the bulge can sometimes be visible in case the wearer bends over. With an S.O.B. holster, you will have to take all the required precautions in order to protect your spine. However, they are extremely comfortable when you’re usually standing.

The bottom line – try all the alternatives possible before picking your ultimate holsters for law enforcement. The most important consideration to make when buying a deep concealment holster would be to practice as much as you can.